Animation for video opening

Hey community!

Im looking to create videos of the games i review on the site, but am looking for an animation that i can use, hopefully the one that tek syndicate uses as its for the site, and maybe the 8 bit music, but i have no skill in animation.

So if i could use Teks opening animation and music that be great!

Anyways any help on what programs to use to create animations and places to learn would be a great help!

Thanks in advance!

Afer Effects / Premiere does the trick.

Golden rule: Don't have an intro that lasts more than 10 seconds AT MAX, even that is long.

ok thanks for the programs, also around 5 sec ok?

That's what I did, I made the intros under 7 seconds, ALWAYS, I try to stay at the 5 second mark.  If you are wondering, I'm TS's intro/animation dude :)