Android phone detection through ADB and Fastboot on Windows 11 for ARM

Hello all,

I am currently working on installing a ROM and rooting my Android phone. I am currently using my Samsung laptop that runs on Windows 11 for ARM. I have WSL2 installed. I installed ADB and Fastboot in the WSL2 instance. The only thing I haven’t figured out is getting ADB and Fastboot to detect my phone. Is there any way to do that or am I out of luck?

Currently, WSL and WSL2 do not do auto character device passthrough, so you are not going to get a /dev/USB file to connect to. I know with WSL that was something that they were never going to implement. Since WSL2 is literally just a VM with some kernel abstractions, it may be possible but more than not likely.

Thank you for your reply. Bummer it probably wouldn’t happen. I would have thought it would be something that they would want to add to WSL2.

It would be hella convenient for True development, but remember that MS is not being nice to F/LOSS because they care. They want developers to use MS Windows as the dev environment and the are doing enough to keep you on their platform. Unfortunately, the people that would need device pass-through and character devices would never be on the MS Windows platform to begin with.

That does not mean that someone could not implement it. A substantial part of WSL2 has open source components. Just not the stuff that hooks into the MS Windows kernel. You may be interested to try MingW if you really needed the unix-y stuff.