Android on an iDevice?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get Android (Jellybean) on to an iDevice. Specifically, the iPod Touch 4th Gen. I have heard of iDroid but the project has been dead for a while and only supports Gingerbread.

Also, is anyone willing to trade me their android equivalent for a white iPod Touch 4th Gen? (Only if there is no way for Android to be put on an iDevice.)

No, has not been done.......(as far as I know, and I have looked into it).

Alright. Well, another question then. To Android users; Would it be better to use Gingerbread than iOS 6? I'm sure there would be a way to get iDroid on the iTouch4.

well i still use gingerbread myself and still prefer it to IOS

why not just sell your Idevice and buy something with android on it and pocket a hundred bucks at the same time?

No one around here to sell it to. Besides, it's only worth about $120. What kind of android devices can I get for that? I want something with the same functionality.

LG motion.

1.2 ghz dual core, 756 mb of ram, 4g, android 4.0.4

you can flash an old image that had the cpu clocked to 1.5ghz then reinstall all the updates. its very easy to do.


its what i have, i love it (thats 120 dollars, without a contract!)