And this is where IoT is getting really creepy

Maybe a bit NSFW but still very creepy and important. And amazingly funny...Wi-Fi connected sex toys that some guys on DEFCON actually hacked. Check what kind of monitoring they do.


¨Along with his colleague goldfisk, follower reversed engineered the We-Vibe 4 Plus,
one of the most popular internet connected dildos on the market. What
the duo found was surprising: not only was the device streaming
temperature data back to the manufacturer once a minute, but it was also
streaming the intensity settings of the device in real time.¨

imagine your dildo getting hacked.



Not saying I called it when I first heard about the internet of hackables, but I called it!

IoT is going to be a complete shit show.

Your going to be letting no name brands with out of date software and firmware in your home or business and government networks. Most will have cameras and microphones along with various other methods of transmitting data, creating extensive island hoping opportunities.

Remember the cold war, international espionage and the lengths people went too. Wonder how long before some of these devices end up in the kitchens of sensitive state departments because the new guy/girl intern was casually asked to go pick up a replacement smart kettle / toaster. Shouldn't there be some kind of law on bringing IoT into government and rules for business premises ?

It looks like capitalism and a mix of stupidity will trump the ability of state sponsored spying from foreign nations.. Oh wait ..

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I know out of "research" that some adult streamers use these toys to go off every time they get a donation. To think that such an item of peace and pleasure can potentially give access to your whole house.

It's a beautiful world we live in!

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What a coincidence I just did a research myself an hour ago. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Fact me hard!

I think we've already reached the point at which we can say it is rather "it's going to be".


We-Vibe is an awful name for a brand of dildos.

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"IoT - the new shit show"
would watch that tv series!


Well time to start writing some Free Software for Dildos i geuss. Something that can be easily flashed on the Dildo but anyway i see here a great opportunity for Linux to takeover the desktop! @Linus_Torvalds

GNU Dildo, when you want to feel free and secure with no boundaries in your private moments.


GNU Dildo: Free and Secure, with no boundaries.


ty i knew i forgot a good one, but serious. Why am i thinking that making this is a good idea? Am seeing really good opportunity's here. Its also best way to explain it to people why IoT is soooooo bad.

When it comes to sex toys nothing is a bad idea...Everything has a niche on that space...Humans are weird like that....

I don't want to think what could happen if there are going to be IoT bionic implants. Why companies need tragedies to happen before getting their shit toghether? If someone hacks a car, for example, and drives it against a wall with passengers on board something will happen. Until than in my house I don't want even electric powerd blinders.