An idea worth spreading

This video just poped up in my subscriptions. And holy hell! It hit me hard!


Yeah very odd to see a video like this from him. Must have really freaked him out.

Inspiring. I wish this was globally pinned somewhere.

While I appreciate his sentiment, I disagree with him in that I've seen quite a bit of bigotry and hatred on both sides during this election. No side has clean hands.

What is important to take away from this however is to reject the idea that everyone who didn't vote for their candidate, could somehow be against basic human decency. Half the voters represents a lot of people who decided what they thought was best for many different reasons and its completely unfair to lump them all into a single stereotype so they can be dismissed and derided. That goes for both sides. It would be better if each side got to know and understand each other so that common ground could be found...

Sadly, technology has only enabled everyone to isolate themselves into little echo chambers and safe zones where they can pretend that contrary opinions don't exist and are shocked when forced to confront that half the country disagrees.


This is exactly the problem


This was definitely much need. I understood what he meant by 'bigot' although a much better word could be used considering bigot could be defined as:

a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc
a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

This can apply anyone no matter who they voted for although I have to ask myself if I would be considered a bigot if I was intolerant of people who are intolerant of other people based on superficial reasons.

Regardless, the important thing to get out from the video is the message: Be a nice human being regardless if you are on the Internet or out in the real world. Though the Internet gives us anonymity behind a screen, that doesn't mean there isn't a real person there and you should not treat them less than that.

Another thing: Don't feed the trolls.

It is ironic that in calling Trump supporters bigots, they themselves are being bigots. I've seen a lot less tolerance and acceptance from the liberal crowd than I have seen from the conservative crowd. Reminds me of all of those videos I've seen where people are attacking Trump supports for no good reason.

Is that "reverse argument" really the only thing people can come up with in regards to this video?
There are assholes on every side of a topic and calling them out for behaving like they do does not make you one aswell.

I have to disagree with this, Technology has enabled MUCH more connectives and will always allow this. The problem is Ideology and the polarization of people

Ideology as each side has there ideology and they must be right, thus making an echo chamber where any decenting opinion is crushed before it comes to light. Ideologies survive by isolating people from other opinions and using blanket statements i.e. "if you dont believe what I believe you are a Racist, Mysogynist Hitler loving etc..). But it also involves our monkey brains, where we inherently like confirmation bias so we stay with opinion we like and never try to reach others we disagree. Which is dangerous and ignorant as those that dont understand the other opinion cannot have a preferance themselves. But they always do as they want to be right (little tangent but the way I get around my monkey brain is to train it to want to be wrong, for me being wrong gives 2 things. It gives the relief that I am not thinking with outdated and wrong opinions/facts. It also gives the relief that I am not spreading something false and making society a little worse)

The other issue also comes down to people, technology allows EVERYONE to display there opinion on whatever whenever. So instead of before having intellectual rigorous debate by the best and only best you get Joe and Suzy from the dairy yelling there misinformed opinion about an incredibly complex problem. So seeing these people on both side (but monkey brains only focus on "them") it creates a distain for the other side polarizing your views and confirming. Now this would certainly happen in real life before our increased connectives but back than you didnt have what is great and terrible about the internet. Anonymity, where you have the ability to say whatever whenever. everone here obviously knows exactly what I am talking about so I will summarize by saying the problem is people forming ideologies by confirmation bias, and people by polarization

Even though technology has enabling much more connection people are choosing not to use it to learn and hear different viewpoints.

And a large group of people are forgoing face to face conversation for the disembodied nature of the net.

This is an interesting problem that really can't be solved because of the lack of central authority. Also it would violate freedom of association.

Boils down to people needing to get out more.

This goes for all viewpoints.


The beginning he says,"All the bigots voted for Trump". He was emphatic about it.
How does he know?
Did he get his obviously supernatural abilities by accident or some experiment gone wrong?
Where did he make this? Obvious he goes to different motels then the 99%
Is he an alien human hybrid?
Did the aliens give him advanced anti-zit creme and will they release it to us mere humans?
Will Britain lift it's legal "Wall of Hate" against Micheal Savage and Gert Wilders?
How will this end the current cold war?