An extremely recommended album. (Especially for Lo


I think it's probably among my top favorite albums right now... If not my favorite...

It's Abusiveness - Krzyk Switu

Probably one of the best black metal albums I've heard in a while... Although anyone who doesn't like very raw sounding recordings, this one isn't for you :D But they are very epic and very talented... They're just amazing and this CD is a must own.

Even though it's kind of old, don't know if you've heard it or not.

I am acquiring it for inspection!!!

inspection pending...

have to reacquire it... got mp4 but the dude must have encoded at 96kb/s... can't seen to find anything over 192kb/s... and I hate anything under 200kb/s. lol.

sounded like mud... but could tell i am gonna like it.

Hey...get on the irc... I need to ask you something.

Mine is encoded over 200 and its VBR... Let me go find the link for you

~~what link? didn't see one.. lol, edited by Logan~~

Ty :P