An Epic [DayZ] Story


I have played a little bit of DayZ now, and there is a mindset that I have come to use when playing it: you never live very long, so the goal is to try and have fun within that short amount of time, long term survival is hard, very hard. So I was just playing and this amazing thing happened, so gather round and hear my tale.

note: your inventory is persistent, you pick up a hatchet, you log out, when you log back in, you still have hatchet, even if you join another server. You loose everything when you die.

note2: dayZ is based in a Russia

End of preface:

I had found a good UK based server to play on with little lag yesterday, I awoke in the large (zombie infested) town Elektrozavodsk, hiding under a table in a house, as I had been the previous day. Elektro is not a good place to be, luckily the house I was in was on the outskirts. I checked the gear I still had: beans, 2 cans of pepsi, some ammo(but no gun), some crossbow bolts(but no crossbow), some flares, bandages, some chemlights (glowsticks), and a Hatchet.
Pulling out my hatchet I decided my first plan would be to get my ass out of Elektro head Eastward to my favourite shore-side getaway Камышово (KamyShovo), which is a 5 to 10 minute walk, zombie dependant. I dropped some of the useless stuff on the ground like the ammo and crossbow bolts and I stepped out cautiously from the house. In the street stood one of them. Gritty stained shirt, vacant eyes, blood hungry, and not yet spotted me. In a moment of panic I reached for a key to do something, and somehow hit a key that throws flares.

The flare arched in the air and landed in front of the creature of death. A moment passed as me and it registered what happened, then it lurched into motion and jumped for the flare as I bolted round the back of the house. The backyard was clear and I hopped the fence and ran through a field away from Elektro, I looked back to see what my undead pal was doing, but found I could not see him, as he was in the middle of a crowd of 10 more zombies crowding round the flare.

So onwards to Kamyshovo, I walked through the forest adjacent to the road, keeping out of sight. Half way there I saw a disturbance further up the road, it was difficult to tell what, most likely just a group of zombies spazzing about. I moved another meter into the trees and picked up speed to get past them quickly. I soon discovered that the zombies were running along the road also towards kamyshovo, instantly I knew what was happening, they were chasing another survivor. I could just see the guy ahead of the pack running for his life, he didn’t have any kind of weapon eqiuped, so when they caught up with him, he didn’t have a chance. I ran out onto the road, wielding my hatchet and lunged at the furthest back cretin, killing it instantly, then swung at another, sending it back to hell. There were 4 left now, and they were very close to the poor chap. I managed to overtake him so he could see me along side him, my plan being I would distract the horde as I had the abilty to slay them. He didn’t figure this and hesitated when he saw me, and was pounced by the four zombies.

Adrenaline pumping I swung like a madman at the monsters, they fell, and so did he. I stood there looking down and the corpse pile, and along the road at the trail of zombie bodies, I checked his name ‘alzcos51’, who was Alzcos? Would he have joined me in securing and setting up base at Kamyshovo? Would we have became friends? Well, I had failed him. I had a rumble though his backpack, a can of coke, bandage and a crossbow. A crossbow with no bolts, and I had left the bolts back in Elektro, B A L L S.

I strolled into Kamyshovo, sipping on a pepsi and headed where I knew there would be some loot. A few zombies stood idle in the gardens of the houses, they didn’t seem bothered by me, no loot in the first two places and a tire in another, not a good haul. A road leads from the town inland into the hills, there are some buildings along the track, so that’s where I went next.

There were zombies everywhere, with my guilt fuelled anger over the death of Alzcos, and my hatchet, I started hacking and slashing like Butcher Pete(fallout3 reference). 12 dead’er zombies in I found another corpse, I can’t rember his name, but he had nothing on him. In the buildings, were nothing. Dismayed at the lack of items I logged off.

The next night I logged back in. Another thing about DayZ is it has a day night cycle, that works in real-time, so this being a UK server and it being night in the UK, it was night in DayZ. Fortunately there was a good moon out and visibility was fine. Heading back into Kamyshovo I did another sweep, still nothing good. I decided it was time to venture back into Elektro, possibly my crossbow bolts where still there. I started back along the road, watching my silhouette in the moonlight, running alongside me with a hatchet in hand.

Before long the mass of Elektro stood before me and I ventured onward round the edge, looking for anything that could house some loot. I clambered into a backyard and headed round the side of the house, and walked into a zombie. I backed up and ran, he was definitely aware of me and by the sounds of it, chasing me, I ran into the yard hopped the fence and legged it into a field. There were more of them in the field and saw me running and joined the chase. I ran round some buildings but there were so many them now it wasn’t a case of loosing them that easily. The forest! I ran towards the trees not looking back, 10 meters from the tree line I fell over, things flashed, and then a constant “YOU HAVE DIED” message appeared.

24 hours later I logged back on, and sat the “creating a new guy” process, I awoke in a farm. I had no idea where I was, it was night again, and I had nothing. A stroke of luck landed me a hatchet in a nearby shed. I had nothing to loose so I just went and started creeping up on the zombies and killing them quickly and quietly, like some “demented night zombie killer man guy thing”.

I found a signpost, I was in “nupunropakm”(russian), looking this up on an online map I found out that translates to Prigorodky and is in-between Cherno and Elektro, the two biggest towns. “May as well head back to Elektro, because Cherno = certain death” I thought to myself. I passed though another barn and found a pistol on a corpse, with 8 rounds! I had a gun! I walked though the farms on the way to the road to Elektro waving my new found death machine around, then, I saw in the distance, a red and green light, in the sky. Lighthouse or tower. Then the lights moved. HELICOPTER!

Vehicles are rare, you have to scavenge parts to get them running, and they are fragile. Helicopters are like proper professional level, like congrats you won level. I had no flares, I couldn’t contact the chopper. Then my eyes moved to the gun. I had never used a gun in DayZ, and I had never seen a chopper, and I was now about to use one to signal the other! I let loose 3 rounds into the air. The pilot would have noticed if they were looking. Fortunately they were looking, unfortunately so were a lot of zombies that were hiding in the dark.

I ran towards the lights, I could see creatures after me out the corner of my eye, I ran some more, then a bright light hit me, the chopper had turned on a search light. I looked up, everything was so tense, atmosphere thick, both in game and out. I kept running, the chopper turned to fly alongside my direction and landed 200 meters in front of me. They had landed! I was going to get a ride out of here! Some nice person had manged to get a helicopter and is risking it all to pick me up!

I had no idea what the key was to get in a chopper, but that was irrelevant as an ungodly amount of zombies ran past me to the chopper. I was so close now, but I had to squeeze through a layer of zombies to get to my rescue. I chopped franticly with the hatchet, something must of hit me, as things on my screen that were green went red. The situation was now very dire, I knew I couldn't get to the chopper, and the chopper itself couldn't be doing to well with all the creatures round it doing whatever they do.

The chopper took off shakily, leaving me there in the group of stunned zombies. With my screen blurry I ran through them and somehow into the clear.

Then I saw the chopper fly ahead of me, lowering down again, this time there was a substantial amount of fire coming out of the thing. It landed again.

Then an explosion lit up the sky with orange light.

I stumbled towards it, closer, vision blurred, hud icons flashing. I found the burnt out chopper hull, and a corpse beside, whether he had jumped or if that is just what happens when they crash, I am not sure. I crouched down to check out the name tag, and being completely serious, his name was Alzcos.


DayZ, it is what you make it. (also buggy)

Love the storY!!!!!

Never played DayZ, but your story makes me want to! Great work! Any more run-ins with Alzcos?

yeah i have a lot of day z stories. its a great game different everytime you play it. 

Last line gave me goosebumps, right before I exclaimed "that's fucking epic." I really need to start playing this game. 

Sick story. I'll play it when they release the full version.

Great story, awesome ending - totally unexpected :D

Fantastic story Long Live Alzcos :D!!!