An Almost Perfect Summation of the Net Neutrality Sitution

This was apparently on John Oliver's HBO show over the weekend.  I feel like it's pretty dead on.

Here is what the death of Net Neutrality is. I am paraphrasing something I read elsewhere. Anyways imagine UPS charging someone who uses ebay a lot. Or a company like Newegg that relies on their delivery service for their sales. UPS says you are costing us to spend too much gas, since you use us more than anyone else. So we are going to charge you more for the inconvenience of shipping and delivering your packages. Gas = Bandwidth, and the clients = us watching a bit too much netflix or youtube. Ironically, UPS does the exact opposite. More traffic for them is better. So they actually lower costs on things. Giggles.  

This is actually very inaccurate. It is lies. The video that is very very wrong. The FCC isnt in support of fast lanes. They oppose it, but aren't doing anything to actually do so. Here is how it is. The internet in its current standing can't be regulated by the government. So a company like timewarner or att have the right throttle a persons internet. They have the right to charge netflix a premium fee already. The FCC isn't trying to make it so they can do so. It is like saying the United States is trying to make nuclear weapons when we already have them.

True.  It is a little off the mark in that regard.  However, I feel like his assessment of the players and their connections is pretty accurate.

He did kind of oversimplify the hole thing & consequently misrepresented the finer details, but that's the point of getting the masses to do anything. -> Getting something through, basically means to tailor the explanation to the ability for comprehension & attention span of an 11ish year old child.

Unless you are a proper Einstein-level-genius:

Simpler explanation = less correct explanation.

Also go easy on the doom & gloom, the masses have a low tollerance for unhappy thoughts.

I'm not familiar with John Oliver's Show, so I can't tell if it is any good, but he did a really good job on Net Neutrality.

Haha I just posted this link, I hadn't seen yours. Sorry to be a copycat


I feel like a dick now, cause I just linked this on your thread. 

John Oliver's show is the same thing as Jon Stewart and all of them. Same as the Colbert Report. Literally the only difference is you have to pay a premium fee to watch. You are better off watching Stewart or Colbert.

This isn't misrepresented. It is falsified. Saying the FCC is trying to destroy the internet when they aren't doing so. They have done so. It was back in 2002. If this form of media wants to help something they need to actually state the truth or the timeline that actually exists for the topic. If they wanted to actually get the mass to care, why not use an analogy. One such as the UPS one. i.e. UPS forces people who use their service more than others a premium for the inconvenience it creates in terms of cost for gas and transportation + delivery. This is an HBO show, a network that benefits greatly from fast lanes. They are already doing the same thing with their television broadcast. They definitely want that same thing to happen with the internet. By the way I mentioned this earlier, but today they are trying to enforce net neutrality when they legally have no regulatory authority. Which is not the same thing as destroying it.

If he wanted to support Net Neutrality he wouldn't be making jokes out of it. Making a joke out of it is like making a joke out of a contaminated water way. I understand this is a form of news distribution. But it is retarded. Think about it this way. Not a single piece of liberal or conservative news agency (nbc, cnn, fox, etc) propagated this shit until after the vote occurred. If they did it was in the form of a website article. Not actually broadcasted via tv. I have a grandmother who watches the news nearly 24/7 now that she is retired and living with my parents. She had no knowledge about this. My mom who is a political science/global awareness professor didn't know a thing about this. My dad who reads a ton of blogs only knew about this when I told him. No one actually gives a fuck about this, or it would have been in the news every day since the FCC tried to sue ComCast but failed. No one knows. People I inform via facebook literally dont give a rats ass. I inform them about it, tell them to read an article or watch a youtube video about this. They dont read or watch it. This shit doesn't help.

You are right about this being too late, and it may well have been deliberate. I however don't rule out incompetence. So many middle aged people that run things today, are absolutely clueless computer illiterates.

The FCC didn't reclassify, the lawsuits were predictably going to fail. The FCC clearly didn't pursue Net-neutrality with enough vigour to count that as fighting for Net neutrality.

If the FCC fails to ensure Net-Neutrality they will have destroyed it, since they clearly can reclassify Internet service as a telecommunications service and adopt network neutrality rules under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

The EU regulatory body managed to quickly kill the "internet-fuckery", and they arguably have less power, and much much more bureaucracy to deal with. So I don't buy the "poor FCC is doing what it can mantra"

I almost posted this myself, we need guys like him to get the message through, even if he is being overly broad. Peasants don't care about the substance of the message but on the delivery, that's why N.G.Tyson and Louis C.K. and (to a much lesser extent) Bill Nye are so hyped.

Well, that happened: