An $800 PC (for Gaming)


So.. Is this a good PC?

I wouldn't buy this. It doesn't have an appropriate allocation of funds. You cannot buy a high-end card, and simply pair that with a really weak processor. Your system would have bottlenecks, so you won't see the value.

The FX6300 is only a small increase in price. That would be my processor recommendation. Or the Phenom 965.

I'll post an $800 build in a minute.

I've included an OS. Let me know if you're happy with it.

The 7950 is quite similar in performance to the 7970, in all honesty. If you do not require an OS, you can use that money to purchase the 7970, if you desire.

I wouldn't cheap out on the CPU like that. Try and fit in an FX 6300.