Should I go 8320 or 8350

i own an 8350 and i love it its got plenty of head room to over clock so i say go with the 8350.

What mobo are you running I'm thinking of getting this one:

Asrock 990FX Killer is what i am running 

that board from what i know is a decent board asus makes really good products so you can't really go wrong.

Asus sabertooth is a really good board and it is only 30 dollars more, if you plan on doing some overclocking the asus sabertooth is great.

Hey if I down grade to a 970 chip set what do I lose

either aren't bad but if your budget can handle the little extra money i would stay in the 990 ship set.


So then how is your amd build treating you. I'm thinking of going with a gtx 660 or r9 270 for my GPU

I have 2 gtx 660s on the 990fx platform, and I could not be happier with them, they are really under rated cards, but you may want to consider trying to find the extra 50 bucks and get a 760.

It is simple.Go with the most up to date anything.An i mean anything.Save up your money if needed an buy it when it is on sale.I have a 9370 when it was $229.Very affordable.If your going to get one cheap.It must be at least closes to your bank account an delivery of performance.None the less.Newest is better for you.

Get the 8320. It is cheap and can usually be overclocked to the speed of an 8350 or higher. They are all the same CPU just with different clock speeds.

If you are going with an 8 core it is best to get a 990FX motherboard. They have much better power delivery. 

The Asus M5A99FX Pro/Evo are very good.