AMD Wraith Tower Vendor?

I feel like AMD might have missed an opportunity of sending us ALL off with a really cool kit. I'm waiting for the R5 1600 to go on sale tonight, and i'm going to snag one. However, the R5 series comes with NON-led coolers. I understand the LEDs add cost to manufacturing...etc, I just think that AMD might have missed the boat to add that much extra value to mainstream system builders. Anyway, rant is over. I'm looking for a vendor, or some place where I can actually buy the wraith tower LED ala carte. I do think the cooler is great value, LED or not. Anyone know a way to snag one? Thanks!

I did not see where the R5 Wraith had no LED.
Since many that bought the 1700 either had previously purchased custom coolers since the inclusion of a stock cooler came as a surprise, some are selling the new unused Wraith Spire for around $40 online. In fact, I had this discussion with a member of Tech Yes City forums who wanted advice on how much to charge:

I didn't see it posted anywhere that explicitly says that the R5 does NOT come with LED coolers, but that was the impression I got from watching all the reviewers. But with their test kits, of course they all get the wraith max. I have been haunting ebay, and am waiting for one to pop up. I went ahead and ordered the 1600, so I may sell the factory one, and just look for a nice looking Cryorig, or maybe NZXT kraken LED.

I found that most of the Arctic is already compatible with AM4, no Backplate or special clips needed beyond what is used with AM3+.
The reason I asked is because I would be surprised if any stock coolers did not have LED. The mainboards are all coming with CPU LED headers.

I agree, and if there are coolers without the LEDs, it seems like it would of have to have been a deliberate decision to leave them off. I don't know much about manufacturing, but two processes instead of one, meh, give us the LEDs ya know lol

i'm sure you can snag one on ebay or amd twitter.