Amd vs Intel

i have two possible setups for a computer rig. i want to play games at 1080p i am not sure which computer please give feedback. any changes to my setup? leave them below in a pcpartpicker link.




don't double post, you already had replies

Alright, if you're playing gaming and regular computer activities your AMD build is fine but if you want to or might plan to do video editing, use of adobe products etc. intel's i7 cpus are quite good compared to the FX series. 

Don't get Dominator RAM get Vengence Pro and save money for basically the same performance. And if you are spending that much money on a PC invest in a closed look water cooler for your CPU. The Hyper 212 is common and works but isn't very overclocking friendly. It also gets VERY dusty VERY fast.

But you do have a closed NSXT case so it might not get as dusty but still.