AMD vs Intel For gaming?

Right a couple of weeks ago I was asking for a motherboard for a mini itx build for intel. But through my research I cannot see a reason for going intel:S Don't get me wrong but looking at a clear power/performance aspect AMD is eating up intel badly and is much cheaper(I might be completely wrong).


Ok so here is where my topic starts.

I am a gamer and I am aware that you dont need an i7 for gaming so normally and most people go for i5(overclockable 1) but I do not understand why any1 would do that as the AMD bulldozer series give you up to 8 cores and for MUCH less(in europe as far as I knoW). 

Can some1 explain why to me? Does the bulldozer series outperform i5 ivybridge? Can some1 point me 2 the right option? 

As far as I have peoples interest I would also apreciate a mini itx motherboard that would support amds bulldozer and will have ram slots that can support more than 1600mhz and raid? (I remember back a 5-6 years ago AMD had horrid overheating problems is this still goin on? and will it be a Huge mistake throwing 1 in a small setup mini itx,?? in a bitfenix prodigy case?)


Thank s in advance for any info:) 


Inb4 fanboy explosion.

I think I did a decent job of explaining the FX series chips in this thread, second comment. Fanboy free information. 

If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

Uhm... AMD FX? M-ITX? Is this some kinda joke, because I ain't heard of it.

You can go Pentium G860, Core i3-3225, or Core i5. Any of them will do just fine.

they aren't eight cores, its AMDs answer to hyperthreading, its a SUPER 4 core threaded off into a "weak 8 core" it has its niche, but not for games unless they use ALL 8 threads which games barley use 3 i3s and i5s for the same price or lower than the FX8150 will net as good or better FPS and use less power and gennerate less heat which is not only good for your electric bill but give leeway on PSUs

unless you use mainly video/photo edit/file compress go intel

RuffeDK has a bit of a point, I can't find any AM3+ m-ITX boards... Never really looked for em before though.

Depending on your budget and how important the size of system is, you could consider a system similar to this, except it would be better to go for the Trinity chips instead of the Llanos. You can get an ultra small desktop case that would normally have no room for a graphics card. Advantage of these systems are that they require little power, are cheap, and can fit into a laptop bag if you need to bring it around. The llano's IGP was very OC capable, no real word on the IGP OC potential of the Trinity chips.

More cores isn't always a good thing. When it comes to gaming, most games only utilize between 1 and 3 cores anyway. The problem with Bulldozer is that you get eight cores (if you can even call them all individual cores), but each core isn't nearly as powerful as an intel core. Intel's cores are less numerous, but they are more powerful, which allows games to utilize the extra power if they need it. It also prevents graphics cards from being bottlenecked.

When the FX 8150 was run through some benchmarks, it wasn't even as powerful as an Intel 2500K.

You can't call the "8 cores" indivual cores they are split with shared memory.  If I remeber correctly AMD stated that they were half-cores.  There are 4 full cores in the processor but they split the cores themselves.


I cannot believe there are so many replies:) I cannot thank you guys enough for the interest you have showed me but some of this seems chinese to me:P I understand that more cores isn't always better(Im guessing this depends on what you require them for and I am guesing for photo editing and video editing/modelling), I know most games don't require 8 cores:P. I don't even know if the buldozer was a good idea etc and I have no idea if there is mini itx supporting the buldozer socket required:P I think this is a good forum for learning stuff. as the population seems weak and people tend to be niceR:p so lemme recap. Basically what most of you are saying is that there is highly unlikely to be a mini itx supporting the AMD processor I gave as a reference:P and that it is propably a better idea going with intel for gaming as AMDs stregths are not in gaming as CloudScorpion helped me understand from the amazing reply in another topic. 

To be entirely honest though.. in reality, for playing games @ 45-60 frames(most not all at ultra) in reality the main component of the computer that will be under the most stress should be a GPU and not a CPU (FPS games, Strategy is where you would see the CPU struggling to catch up I am guessing).

Anw I do apologise for not browsing before I posted and I do thank every1 for their gr8 insites:) 

if you can give me a overall budget, what you intend on using it for and which country you live in I can make a great build list for you

Glad you found the information useful (Amazing? Daww =3). Along with price, use and country, you should also indicate if an m-ITX form factor is important to you or if you just did choose it off a whim.

Also, linking my name made me realize my profile is barren as all hell, should take a few minutes and fill that in sometime this week. 

I have fallen in love with a mini itx case:P and basically small size gr8 power pc:P I have had large sized pcs for a long time now :/ I know heat management will be a pain in teh ass but im sure its going 2 be manageable. So the only importance mini itx is important is aesthetics of the build:P I might go matx though as I have found a wierd silverstone case that looks pretty simplistic and nice, dunno this build is for december just doing my research early and all sorts of ideas are going on in my head:P.

I didnt even realise I linked your user name:P all I did was copy paste it didnt imply anything about your profile:)

Ha, funny how that works, I realize you weren't implying anything, just happened to notice it was almost completely empty.

Some of those cube mITX cases actually have excellent air flow, so heat may not be as big a problem as you think. 

Makes me wanna sell my kickass gaming rig and build a compact (M-ITX) & "powerefficient gaming machine"...


When the time is right... it'll be alright...

I, as an amd fanboy, i am inclined to save you all, intel is better at the moment, and fro amd piledriver is not what we are looking for, it cannot compete with things like socket 2011, but maybe the next gen will help us all. prbably not though, amd shall just become the budget cpu producer that we dont need, although i could argue that this has already happened, i will not be going for amd later on, but whilst im on a budget i can be dissapionted in amd's cpu architecture, and surprised by how they made something as good as the 7970,that is all i have to say to you guys, hope this 'rant' helps

Depends. Intel i5 vs AMD 8000 series, very close. But Intel i7 vs AMD 8000 series. Intel is the sure winner.

yup Intel fanboy has arrived with not a lot of productive info

How will a Phenom II X4 965BE be compared to an i3? Is it more bang for the buck or should I go for something more? (Below $175)