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AMD v1000 Embedded: Sapphire FS-FP5V EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK | Level One Techs


Full article & Initial Benchmarks

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Why is the lighting crap in that video? …All I see is a red nose in a sea of darkness. :grinning:


The BIOS on this board is amazing.

But $450 :frowning:


is $450 that much for a motherboard and cpu in one?


I believe so.

I believe you just get the motherboard and the cpu and that is it. No ram or ssd or psu or case.

Which is why in my mind 450 is high. Because look at how small that mobo is.

If it was 450 with ram and a psu, I would not mind the price.


Wendell have you thought about putting your benchmark graphs at the end of the video


I start to agree after some thought. It is pricey, even with the 4x display output option.


The udoo bolt will use the name chip and like their other boards it will be available to the hobbyist market. It’s still in crowdfunding status but it will be an easier source to obtain v1000 SOCs.


I’ve been using a System76 Meerkat (basically a NUC) as a pfSense box for a while. This Ryzen embedded board is exactly what I’ve wanted in a replacement. It’s even got dual NIC.

I’ve been wanting to do a nice upgrade to the home network. Getting one of these and a decent access point is very likely in my near future!


Who cares about display outputs when you instead could have 10 GIGABIT NICS?


God damnit why is all the awesome stuff not really available to the public. I could think of a few really great uses for these. Keep these in the back of your mind Wendell, I’ll definitely be up for at least one. Maybe yall can do a 3D printed case for them…


Just watched the video. This would be the ultimate compact pfsense box.


@Wendell, are you seriously considering being a vendor for this? I’ve got some awesome project ideas, but I’m having a hard time finding a vendor.

If you do find a seller for small quantities, please let me know.


This Mini-STX form factor I find really interesting, I will be sold if I can get one that has a PCI-E 3.0 8x port even if that requires some proprietary riser card to make it work. either that or be able to have an MXM slot like the ASRock desk mini GTX then I can harvest a graphics card from a dead laptop.