AMD TRP 1920x shipped without water cooler bracket

First time with a bad experience from the EGG. I received a Threadripper Pro 1920 X which was supposed to include the AMD issued water cooler bracket. Instead, I received just a CPU and nothing else. This is obviously socket TR4/sTR4, but I can’t find a bracket anywhere. My AIO says it works with the AMD issued bracket, but I can not find anything to buy to replace it. Does anyone have a suggestion or even a 3D printer model I could use to make it?

I’m using a Thermaltake Floe Triple Ring 360 as the AIO.


Can you contact the manufacturer of the cooler? many of them send a kit for free for am4/tr4.

I will try to contact them Monday when they open. Great idea - thank you!

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This has been resolved. Thermaltake had me contact Asetek (their OEM) which had the bracket on Amazon for roughly $10.

Thanks again

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I had to buy asetek brackets myself.
Neither my 1900 nor 1920 came with adapters

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