AMD "Trinity" 450-650$ builds

I know that some people force Intel or AMD FX because they think "Trinity" APU are not enough good for heavy gaming and that stuff... So I ask you to make very good buils without any incompatabilities on , just for curiosity lets see the best possible builds betwen 450 and 650 US dollars.  Also what do you think about AMD's "Richland" that are coming on March 19? do you want a Trinity build or do you want to see how Intel or FX builds would compare with Trinity for the same price point?

@Vortex88 i would like to see some fx builds at the same price point, hopefully under $650

FX build:

Trinity build:

It's hard to say which would perform better here, since it depends on what you're looking for in a rig. The FX build would have better processing power, but I'd have to look up benchmarks to see which build would actually be better for gaming. I'm inclined to say the FX build would be better, but I can't say for sure, since I've seen some pretty good numbers with Trinity builds lately, and I'm not sure how it would perform with the added help of the 6670. The Trinity build will have an SSD and CPU cooler though, which gives room for a little overclocking and a snappier system in general.

the FX would kill the trinity in your build... 

as nice as dual graphics is, dual graphics with the 6670 won't come close to touching a 7870 paired with a fx6300.  of course the trinity would "feel" a lot faster with that SSD... so load times would be non-existent... but when it came down to it and you are gaming in HD, the FX would provide a smoother and better game experience.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Vortex your build is right but you overdid it, Trinity cant support 2400mhz RAM and 500W is too much, 350 or 400 is enough. Also did you do research atleast, not just for the price point like check on newegg user reviews on site? I always do that to put a quality build. - a bit under 600$, great build... Less consumption...

If I were you, I'd go for the AMD A8 5600K Trinity APU because the A10 5800k is only 3% better, for $20 more. Graphics wise, the A10 can pull off 2 more FPS than the A8 5600k. BUT if you were to later crossfire an HD 6670, the A8 5600k outperforms by 4% better than the A10 5800k- at a lower cost also.

I don't put a lot of stock into customer reviews, because people are more likely to write a bad review than a good one no matter what product we're talking about. Not to mention that fan boys write reviews for products they don't own. I've seen a lot of really good products get screwed with bad customer reviews either because the customer doesn't know what they're doing or they just happened to get a dud. You're more likely to write a complaint than you are a positive review. If you had a positive experience with a product, then you're probably busy playing with it rather than writing a review. 

As for the psu, I'm never really comfortable going below 500 watts. 

Trinity can support 2400mhz ram. You just have to manually set the speed in the bios. 

I really like your build though.