AMD "Threadripper" 16 core CPU 850$?

If it's true.. originally thought it would be between 7-800$.. but 850$.. oh yes.

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patiently waiting to see the IPC on these devices.


See Ryzen IPC numbers, it is the same 8 core as the 1700+ cpus probably, well two of them.

So a whole $1200 cheaper than the top end 18 core intel part. 2 less cores, slightly slower, 1200 less. that math does itself, intel have lost this one.

I so hope idiots don't buy the intel parts. but there is a glut of fools and money who love numbers games unfortunately.

EDIT: Or to put it another way you could buy 2 of these and their mother boards for less than 1 of the 18 core CPUs alone. Wow.


Holy shit, that's a good point. Damn, now that I'm seeing this, that Linus video was on fucking point.

Intel's Skylake-x release is the WTF heard round the world.

Regardless of Intel's autistic launch, their stock only took the smallest hit.

Why is it that when AMD doesn't have the best launch, they drop 20% but when Intel literally eats glue during their launch investors are like "oh well, nothing bad is going to happen"? Server market.

I'm confident that this threadripper is going to set expectations for Naples and we're going to see a shift in the market. Especially if they can do everything they've promised and keep the prices well below that of Intel.


Some speculation on my part. Motherboard for this at 150 will likely be rare to non existent. But you get the point.

Prices will vary here and there but I expect close to my prediction to come true. Would be able to at least kit out a full system with one of the Threadrippers for the same price as 1 18 core CPU.

But yeah it is pretty insane if the price is right. Still NDA and speculation for now.

Thread ripper is just a bunch of ryzen dies so the IPC should be close or the same.

Track record i guess.

I mean this price could be real but I'd be super skeptical about it. This article is sourced essentially from a tweet by Bits and Chips with no other documentation. So don't take is as truth just yet.

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I love speculation!

I think it heavily depends on features. If you want an entry-level (oxy moron?) board, you might be able to get $150.

Oh, absolutely. That's been AMD's thing this year. "A complete system for the price of a competing top-tier Intel CPU"

Yep, speculation is fun though.

Should be 4 Zen CCX. I wonder how long it will take for windows to figure this one out...

Is this the Xeon equivalent to AMD? I'm kind of confused, I thought the Ryzen 7 were the top of the line in the AMD game.

No. AMDs "Xeon" parts are EPYC. Which go up to 32 cores. Primarily designed for servers.

Threadripper on the X399 platform is up to 16 cores and is in the HEDT segment. Equivelent to say X99 or X299.

TR/X399 has quad channel RAM and 64 PCIE lanes as upposes to dual channel and 24 on Ryzen

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Ryzen is the consumer desktop stuff, Thread ripper is the enthusiast highedn desktop (for people with money to burn) and EPYC/napals their Xeon competitor.

This is a desktop CPU spun out of the EPYC/napals server line of CPUs.


Oh I get it, Threadripper is the money burning CPU. Then I don't care that much about it, thanks lads

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My bad. i am a little behind on my CPU stuff.
As for how long it will take windows to figure it out will depend on how much intel payed them. :slight_smile:

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Eh, it really depends on your needs. If you need a lot of cores, for a low price, threadripper/r7 is the way to go. It would be amazing for a homelab I would imagine. (assuming you need the power, I'm fine with a 1230v2)

Fair. I'm still having nightmares about windows scheduler switching tasks cross-CCX. shudders

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Too much horsepower for my needs, which are basically gaming and audio editing/recording

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Oh, I agree. I'm perfectly happy on a 2600k for most of my work these days.

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Come on now let's be realistic here, a complete system for the cost of a top-tier Intel CPU. The only cost savings there will be CPU and Motherboard just like the Ryzens.


It really depends on your GPU requirements. If you're doing 1080p, you really only need a 1060 for most games and if you're doing 4k, that's where it doesn't really fit, but for someone who streams or does a lot of CPU intensive tasks, like I do, it's definitely true.

If you need a GTX 1080 or something like that, it's a bit too much.

If you're upgrading your system and can transfer storage, case and PSU, that's just saved you $200 that you can put towards GPU and get a 1070 or 1080 if you want to stretch your budget a bit.

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IPC is probably up there when things are coded for it properly. Take the near identical fps in Rise of the Tomb raider with its patch to a 7700k.

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I really hope this is true. This would give consumers more justification for why they should purchase Threadripper over Intel's X299 CPUs based on all the shenanigans they're trying to pull w/ Skylake-X