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AMD Starship aka Rome Zen 2


48Cores 96Threads


Naples/Epyc is still yet to launch and Rome isn't going to be released until late 2018, this is a long ways out. I'm more interested to see what AMD has brewing in terms of core to dollar ratio with Epyc primarily. We can see what Rome has to offer in a year and a half lol...


would expect alot lol, its something like 4 entire ryzen dies cept with even more io so maybe the way cutdown/low bins to be like 600-1000, probably like 800-1600 but then when intel has 14 cores or whatever at a similar price 32 seems pretty good deal


Gotta be honest here, I don't like RedGamingTech's videos one tiny bit. They are popping up all over my YouTube all the time, but every time I do watch something from the guy he says a whole lot of nothing in a 10 minute video. Like literally zero info all the time, it's so annoying.


Infinity Fabric is all about scale. The Core CompleXes are made to be a module to be able to glue many of them together through Infinity Fabric. A smaller, and better silicon process could make this easier and on another scale. We just have to wait for Global Foundries to deliver. Could it launch in 2018? Maybe, my bet is 2019.

And about GPUs, it sure looks like AMD tries to do the same thing with them, glue many of them together with IF. Many small-ish dies all interconnected to represent as one humongous GPU to the software. Could be interesting and for sure a lot cheaper than one, super expensive monolithic die.


Yeah, I agree. They're pretty much a waste of time if you read the forums and the various usual suspects sites.


least as the rumors have been relating to navi, but definitely seems once again amd is actually trying to do something new as apposed to nvidia lol


Not to necro or anything, but amd beat this rumor from a while back. 64 cores is what they achieved!