AMD Ryzen Trip & MSI Giveaway Annoucement | Level One Techs Just a quickie annoucement -- I'm going to be at AMD HQ *all week* to discuss all things Ryzen and some sort of Ryzen secret they've been teasing (taunting?) me with!!?

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This will be at AMD's Lone Star Campus in Austin, right? Can I be your +1? Or we could hang out after y'all are done for the day; that would be cool too... PLEASE BE MY FRIEND!


Nice! I can't wait to see what amd has been cooking up. All aboard the hype train. Woot woot

I just want to advocate for linux. will never be invited to anything again! hahaahaha eh, thats fine. we'll see.

All aboard the iommu groups!


Official ECC RAM support would be great too. :slight_smile:
As I understand it, the Linux EDAC module get a bit confused at present.

Wtb ryzen laptop with vega gpu

Thanks for the offer. It seems that I would have to login thru facebook and that goes against my privacy strategy. If there is a different way of entering I would be glad to do that. Or maybe I'm just blind? I hope so.
Edit; Mora gave me the answer [below]....thanks.

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No need to log into facebook, I have it completely blocked & could enter. Just click on the ways to enter titles & it will ask for a name & email.

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I tried to enter after your announcement on the PGP stream Sunday night. Gleam says I got the entries, but I don't see my "retro AMD" photo in the gallery :frowning:

@wendell Honestly I cannot think of a better emissary for the Linux community at this time. AMD is focused on a major push back in to the server market. That is excellent and I want Naples and Infinity Fabric to blow the doors off everything. While Raja Koduri has spoken about the importance of discrete graphics on the desktop in general and gaming in particular; similarly he does emphasize AMD's commitment to open source vis a vis GPUOpen; and they are making strides (or steps anyway) with 'radeon' and 'amdgpu' drivers in Linux; BUT there is something missing there.

AMD could fully embrace not just the Linux desktop, they could create a new emphasis on partnerships with corporations that foster Linux on the desktop. Corporations like Foundry and Tipit Studios, the makers of NUKE who run Fedora KDE, are an excellent example of an existing partnership AMD could foster by having a team dedicated to desktop Linux business apllication development and deployment. Another example should be Dassault Systemes, very high quality BIM engineering software that runs on Linux. Autodesk is the clear industry favorite but they will never encourage or embrace Linux; and web based CAD is not going to work for anything other than quick edits. Linux needs to be at the forefront of engineering and MS dominates that at all levels BECAUSE of Autodesk and to a lesser extent ESRI.

Off my soapbox now. Have a great trip and we look forward to your safe return home with all that you are able to share. Cheers!


Oh and yes the IOMMU situation is vital. Especially on Naples, I mean sheeEESH!

Tell them to re-write their GPU Linux drivers in assembly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also ask if the rumors about Apple computers having Ryzen CPUs are true or not.

Nvidia might be releasing Volta in Q3 2017. I'd ask them if they're sweating. Jesus Christ it took them a year and they still haven't released Vega and now Nvidia is knocking on their door with a new architecture. RIP Vega.

Well the Naples whole platform will be validated, no doubt. ECC, IOMMU etc will work. Ryzen however will probably never be validated, so support will be hit and miss for the most part. Unless somebody makes a "WS" motherboard that has actual validation, you can't expect there to be proper ECC support etc.

Well i hope that iommu groupings for X370 chipset boards, could be fixed at some point in time.
Because the ability of being able to do pci-e passtrough properly on X370 with an R7 cpu,
is definitelly a very welcomming feuture for that platform.

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Definitely agree and I know many of us in the forum are fully confident in @wendell to carry that banner even if it turns out that this particular event is themed for something else entirely.

Personally I have no real problem waiting for Naples for validation @Pholostan however, board makers would do well for themselves and the future of the market (since MS is behaving rather poorly atm ensuring personal security ... ahem) to bring this to what is an outstandingly affordable and otherwise exemplary consumer product. AND OH BTW what a great mechanism to make use of, and sell, multiple discrete graphics cards on the desktop, Raja Koduri!!!

I like Raja Koduri. He is a brilliant lead. Koduri and Papermaster both are cognizant of the power of open source. There is a rich future harvest available to AMD if they would create a team to develop Linux ...
REDACTED Soapbox dissertation about how AMD could dominate the world by investing teamhours in Linux on the desktop because teach the children REDACTED

Can you also ask about NPT suppor?
With kvm-amd.npt enabled (default) i get GPU performance hit in Win10 guest.
When I disable it I get random guest unresponsiveness.
Both are very bad as my main use case for Win10 is VR gaming.

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To keep yourself sweet and on the junket list, you should argue that IOMMU issues also effect Hyper-V so it is important to get it sorted out...

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