Hi fellow people.

So i bought hyperx ddr4 memory kit 2*8GB HX432C16PB3K2/16
for my X370 GAMING PRO CARBON and first i was able to start my pc with 3200Mhz worked for month and i had some random shutdown and i loaded bios default but still nothing. Then i reseated all my devices like gpu and ddr and no more random shutdown but i was not able to overclock my ddr4 to 3200Mhz any more so few day later i tried to reseat my DDR4 again and i cleaned connectors with isopropyl alcohol and overclock works. I think DDR4 signal frequencies are so high that any bad contact or extra capacitance changes signal waveform too much that cpu just quits. This is informative topic maby it helps somebody who may have similar problem.

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Well Ryzen is basiclly a new platform, that is still really flaky wenn it comes to highspeed memory support.
But some upcomming patches should fix allot of those issues.

Have you flashed the BIOS to the latest version?

Yes, of course.

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