AMD Ryzen Embedded systems from alibaba one with gtx 1050

While doing some wondering around, I found two ryzen embedded based systems. Both of the systems are bade by SD-Omega (HongKong) Company Limited. They are on alibaba, and not the companies web page currently.
SD500G1 AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 Processor with 8 x GbE/ 2 x COM/ 4 x DP/ 4 x USB 3.0/ GeForce GTX 1050 GPU
[SD5100 AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 Processor with 8 x GbE/ 2 x COM/ 4 x DP/ 4 x USB 3.0/ 9-48V AI GPU]

They even have an option for an built in ups. I don’t know if the gtx 1050 is built into the motherboard or on a MXM card. If it is on a mxm card the motherboard might be shared between both models, that would be interesting.

this looks like a better deal then the sapphire boards. Because with this, you get a case and a power supply, I think. It looks like you would still need to source your own RAM and SSD.

For a couple of these small computers, that I have seen on aliexpress, they have an m.2 slot but don’t do nvme. Which is something that I believe the saphire board can do.

Just some thoughts on those pages you linked. The picture that is shown appears to just be a render, and not the actual product. And it says that they are an OEM for Foxconn, ZTE, Asus, etc. Can anyone confirm this? And with what they made for those customers.

i would guess its on board, not MXM. I wasnt able to find any for sale in MXM form factor. the lowest I saw was 1060.

Some more digging and found this. and this

Along with this picture from this article.

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