Amd Radeon 7770 Ghz Edition 2GB - BF3 Ultra Settings?

             Hi guys, thenewb here.

I just want to ask you if you guys know what settings bf3 can play on my comp i just wanna know before hand b4 i test it out for myself as it will reassure myself that it can play on those settings.

                            Thanks, and below are the list of my components in my computer.

                                          (P.S. this comp is not my own build but pre-made.)

Processor: Intel i7 3770(Non-K)

Ram:8gb(I have no idea since best-buy doesnt list it)

GPU: Post topic

PSU:No, idea bestbuy doesnt list that. :(

HD:2tb 7200 rpm


i just wanna know if it can play on ultra really...

Edit: "Ram: 12gb"

have you already bought this system


well i ordered it, speakers and monitor are already at the store, just the computer itself needs to arrive.

im saying that ik it probably will run at ultra on this graphic card but i need to be absolutely sure.


Also if you can, from your own experiences or opinions, tell me what the minimum, max, and average fps for this graphics card.


Nope, at least not in 1080p. I have a 7850 and I have to play on a mix of low and medium in 1080p in order to acheive a constant 60 fps. 

ok thanks, just making sure those vids on youtube werent fake.

guess i will have to play on medium if i want a constant 60 :p