AMD Radeon 5450 + Saphire 7870 CF?

I was looking to upgrade my GPU in my moderate gaming build. I already have a 5450 1 GB card and I was wondering if I could add a 7870 to the build a have them both in SLI.

you mean crossfire. and no. only cards of the same generation and same type (first two numbers) can crossfire.

So that means I can only have the 7870 in at once?



Yes and you wouldn't want to crossfire a video card thats about as powerfull as a notebook anyway.

A hd 7870 is a good card.



If I remember correctly, you CAN Crossfire two different cards, even across generations( and also "if I remember correctly", SLI only lets you, er, SLI with the same card).

So you can try it, but I wouldn't recommend it. You won't be adding the performance of a 5450 to the performance of a 7870. What WILL happen is the 7870 will have to slow down in order for the 5450 to catch up, basically making your system slower rather than faster.

Both Cooperman and Z are horribly mis informed. Just to re-inforce Egnappahz point here is the offical (from AMD) chart of what can be crossfired.

(Found HERE)

Basically 79XX series can be CrossFired (so 2 7970s or 1 7970 and 1 7950 or 2 7950) as long as the first two numbers match eg 79xx they can be crossfired.

The only exception to this rule is the 7870 XT (or Tahiti LE) as it as actually based of the same core that the 79xx series uses. Making it compatible for crossfiring with them. (and the newer AMD APUs, the ones that use 8xxx series)

Other than that it follows the chart. Plus does a 5450 even have a crossfire connector? 

Most probs done though the PCI-e lanes as there is enough bandwidth spare due to the low GPU utilization of the lane itself. Much like how the First and Second generations of Crossfire used to do it

And how am i  misinformed saying you cant xfire a 5xxx card with a 7xxx card?

and yes you can crossfire lowpower cards that do not have crossfire fingers useing the older vershon of crossfire useing a crossfire y cable (a older vershon of crossfire) (hd5450 cf )

There is 3 generations of crossfire  (crossfire-x)

There is allso softwhere crossfire

No. You can not crossfire a 5 series card with a 7 series card. It will not work, never worked, Never will work.

Damn, even a score barely below 300 is making me water. Mine barely even scores 93.

Like I said, " if I remember correctly". Doesn't mean I'm right, just saying that is what I remember. And for a small tid bit of info that I last read probably 2-3 years ago, I'd say I was close enough.

Read more carefully. He didn't say you can. In fact, he even said that you can't. What he is saying is that you can Xfire two older cards( with the same gen., etc.) that don't have the normal/modern Xfire bridge.

There is 3 generations of crossfire  (crossfire-x)

There is allso softwhere crossfire

Taking you did not read the spoiler are then.....

LOL, to be fair, it is kind of hard to see the spoiler here. Usually you just click the black bar and it shows, but here you have to highlight it.

I was agreeing with him.

running an FX6350 and an HD6450.

these numbering schemes are weird sometimes