AMD Quad-Core A10-8780P?

Is this like normal cpu for budget gaming?

I have the 7850k. With a MB that came free with it and a 10 yr old 19 or 20 inch monitor from emachines that is 10 years old. I have gamed on it for a year and low to medium setting it does awesome....for the price.
It is also easy to OC the iGPU..Also the 7850k has a much better cpu cooler.
If the place I bought it had a combo deal on the athlon FM2+ chips It would have been better to go that way with a dGPU.
Interesting vid on the budget skylake vs the 860k:

I have the 7870k, and I love it. I plan on upgrading it to a standalone GPU and CPU, but for the price I couldn't have done any better. Since I am upgraing with ZEN I will have to switch out MB and RAM too, so I planning on buying an extra PSU and Case, throwing in an old hardrive and giving it to a friend.