AMD Phenom II x 6 1045T temps

Well about 2 weeks ago I upgraded my cooling, thermal compound, and graphics. Then I OCed my 1045T to 3.4Ghz   , my cooler is a Xigmatek Gaia with a second fan on noctua NT-H1 compound. The temps when I first got it running stable was around 27C min and 65C max after an hour on prime. Now even if im just surfing the internet im clocking between 33-35C, what could be my problem. Im not having problems it just iratates me, also I know its not good but my airflow in the case is not the best but i only have 2 120mm's doind intake  and out.

Two things:

  1. Ambient temperature has a huge role in overall temp. Every degree hotter the ambient temp is, the CPU will run a degree hotter.
  2. Web browsing does not mean the CPU is 100% idle, especially loading media-heavy sites such as YouTube. Temperatures are suppose to be slightly warmer than idle.

My 2500k is in that range when browsing the web, but it does idle a little warmer. I'd say it's nothing to worry about. I might be mistaken, but I don't think Phenom II's much like temps over 60c. If the temperature really bothers you that much, dial down the voltage/clocks.

well yea it could be my ambient temp, I live in a more humid and temper mental weather area so that could be a huge factor, also ive been told and research that phenom II's are ok for up until 70c so I dont thinks im gonna put all six cores at 100% load so hopefully I wont hit that max. But when I think about it my base clock is 2.7 and I have it overclocked by 26% so I think thats good temps for air cooling 

What I'd do is pick a fairly warm day, in the afternoon, run Prime95 (in-place Large FFT) and see what temps you get. Prime95 puts a load that you will almost never see in real world applications, even with all cores loaded, so typical worst-case scenario you'll be a few degrees under what Prime95 puts up. If you hit 70c step down the voltage and see if your stable.

I live on second floor in direct sun light, so my abmient temps fluctuate from 16c (at night) - 38c (mid-day). So in the summer time, I usually dial down my overclock to 4.2GHz from my usual 4.5GHz. My temps are usually 42c over ambient, so my worst case with Prime is 70c, usually 65-68, and in the real world not much over 60.

well man i have the same cpu! WELCOME TO THE CLUB BROTHER :)

i would like to know more about your clock, voltage and power phase if thats not a problem.

also i have similar temps while on chrome with mine so no panic