Amd phenom 2 build

hey guys,

my friend wants a computer for $800
based around phenom 2 940 back edition

he need a 19 in monitor factored in with that as well

so yah help me pick out the best stuff for $800 with a 19 monitor

thanks again guys

I gotta 19'' Acer X183H and the screen quality is great. It looks better than my 1080i laptop! I think it was under a hundred at Best Buy.

Alright, I got a complete build. All off Newegg.Â

Samsung SATA DVD RW - 26.99

NZXT Beta Case - 49.99

WD 250GB HDD - 52.99

Acer X193Wb 19" LCD Monitor - 109.99>

EVGA GTS 250 - 129.99

Corsair TX 650 - 89.99

4GB Gskill DDR2 800 - 46.99

Phenom II 940 w/ Asus M3N72-D 750a SLI Mobo Combo - 289.98

Total: $796.91

Great little build, got the ability to SLI two GTS 250 in the future

thanks a lot man my friend like the build a lot!
he is just changing the case and getting a 500 gb hdd

I'm getting it this July I cant wait.

nice system, too bad the PSU isn't modular though