Amd or Nvidia?

Im looking at GPU's and come across 2 in my price range:

(Found it for 289.99 on ncix canada)



(Found for 269.99 on ncix canada)

WILL BE RUNNING WITH AN INTEL CORE i5 3570k (if it matters)

I dont care if its amd or nvidia I just want some benchmarks, sound test's, etc. I just want the best for the money around that price range (250 - 300 less if possible). keep in mind that i live in Canada so prices are a bit more but if there is a drastic change of price i can get it shipped to the us

Thanks! Seems like the amd card is better. Unless anyone else can convince me that the 660ti is better for some odd reason im going with the 7950

If the original MSI 660 Ti PE was still in production it would have about the same perforomance OC'ed as an OC'ed 7950. But 7950 is a really good card. You should be grateful no fanboys got onto this post.

AMD or Nvidia does not matter.  If you are looking for more FPS, the 7950 is better by a decent margin.

Indeed. the 7950 wins unless you can find a GTX 670 on sale. 

I'll keep an eye out for a 670 on sale if not Ill stick with the amd card. Thanks for the input guys!

Also how do you guys feel about buying off ebay?

OH NO! not this question again lol j/p. Strictly for gaming? 7950 all the way... Rendering much? Then go Nvidia 660ti or 670 on sale as "The Beard" stated above. btw thats the only downfall of trying to buy a real good GPU while living in canada... prices lol, stay warm my friend.

I'd go with the AMD if I were you. (Actually have that card myself.. download the drivers online and it runs like a dream ;)