AMD or Nvidia Graphics Card

My upcoming system is going to be this:
 I need a better graphics card while keeping the whole thing under $600
Do i go with Nvidia or AMD?

I've heard people complain that AMD drivers aren't good, but i still need a decent budget gpu 

Key word right there, budget. Nvidia cards are mostly a bit more expensive than AMD, but it really comes down to what do you wanna do with the sweet piece of hardware, what games you wanna play, are you gonna game only? Or some rendering and stuff will be included? Let me know, I will try my best to help you. 

I have a $600 budget and want to play be able to play mid-range games like LoL and minecraft 

anything more intensive? intel HD 3000 can run those fine...... ant it's the shittiest gfx known to man, short of hd 1k or 2k

I know it's not that much of a big problem, but i still want a dedicated graphics card to render the games if i choose to go a little bit more intense. 

Oh, well then you wont be needing that much of power in there...although if you enjoy gaming quite a lot, you might want to play some videogame later lets say ehm Far Cry 3 or idk battlefield 3 somthing like that, in that case I could suggest you a GTX 650 Ti which is 160usd atm

Yes, later on i do plan on more intensive gaming. I'll look into that graphics card, thank you

or radeon 7850

amd has new drivers that are mui bueno

LOL, true that they're not exactly for gaming, but they're not the worst.