Amd heatsinks

what do you think is the best heatsink for amd cpu's?

depends, if you want water or air cooling

For air id probably recommend the ultra chiltek

the chilltec is really thermo-electric. Id say thermalright ultra 120

any type of cooling

Then get the Thermaltake Big Water 760i liquid cooling kit. I saw it had pretty good reviews

o speaking of amd heatsinks does any noe a good amd heatsink for around 50 that can do well in oc?

that ones sixty, but 50 after rebate, and a great cpu cooler, so is this:

which WAS 50 but i guess it went back up to 60, got my q6600 up to 3.4

I have this cooler and these are my temps with it:

Please notice core 1 temps on my old school FX-62