AMD Hard Drive to Intel

I have hard drives from an AMD computer and am going to be putting them onto an intel build.

What all do I need to do for them to work?



as long as you plan on re-installing windows a drive is a drive. 


unless it's sas (very unlikely) or IDE(possible, not probable)

It's just a scorpio blue and some hitachi hard drive. I've only ever used AMD Cpu's honestly and heard somewhere there was something you had to do for it.

it will be ither sata

or ide

Just make sure your mobo will support it. But there is no settings or anything to change.

Lol they're IDE. Lame.

I just pulled them out of my old laptops and wanna use them for storage so I can use a 256Gb SSD and not feel like I'll run out of space and keep it all cleaned out.








OHHH they arnt ide! Old laptops have connectors similar to ide but they are smaller you will need to buy a conversion thing

I think that will do the job of converting laptop 2.5 inch ide drives to sata which can then be used in any modern desktop pc. You will need one per hdd. Performance might not be great but since you are really only useing them as a store with the ssd as your main i dont see it being a problem.

Yeah after I said that I went and looked at em and reallly couldn't figure out what I was lookin at. I'll pretty much be using the SSD for games only since that's all I actually need an SSD for, then the Scorpio blue 320G for photos/junk files/OS. Might use the SSD for OS but I dunno if it's worth wasting the space tbh.

Definatly put the os on the ssd will improve the load times of all your programs and then just use the mechanical hdds for videos and junk.

The OS should always be the number one thing to put on an SSD.

Also, the only reason you would need to do anything with the hard drive is if you're going to be running it as a boot drive without installing a new version of Windows. In that case, you would have to uninstall all of the old motherboard drivers, and install the ones for the new board.

Well I've got Windows 7 on 2 of the hard drives already, I pulled them out of my old fucked laptops.

This is gonna be a fresh build but I'm using em for spare space.



Yeah, you'll be fine then as long as you're not using them as OS drives. 

Might sound completely stupid, but I've never messed with it before. How would I switch windows 7 onto the SSD?

    I hear it can be done, but everyone I talked to says use the disc to freshly reload windows. If you don’t have a hard copy and it only came preinstalled on the hard drive I’m not sure what you can do. Perhaps cloning software can do it but honestly not sure.