Amd graphics issues

Hi. This is my first post here.

I have been using linux the last decade, and have really been enjoying it, inttil now… I have a Asus gaming laptop with amd fx9830p and a rx460 discrete graphics card. The thing is that everything works great excerpt one thing. Gaming… when playing a game my intgrated GPU heats up to 87c even if the game uses the discrete graphics (rx460) tryed the same games in windows and temperatures never go over 73c is there a way to solve this?

Couple of questions about this…how are you getting temperature readings? Are you using lm-sensors? Many times the source of a temperature is mis-labelled.

Does the FX9830P actually have a separate GPU thermistor? I’m pretty sure Intel CPUs only have a ‘general’ sensor and one for each CPU core…not the iGPU. Also, it makes no sense that your iGPU is getting hot when your dGPU is being used…

I’m at work now so can’t check but I use lm sensors and psensor I have a sensor that named ACPI and a sensor named Asus isa 001 and fan named Asus isa 001 fan pretty shore those ar CPU temps. And a sensor named amdgpu pci 008 that’s activated all the time that is what I think is the igpu. I also have a sensor named AMDGPU 003 that I know is the discrete graphics