AMD GPU driver confusion

Whats all this “amggpu-pro” stuff then there’s also “amdgpu” which I think is open source, and fglrx.
So what driver should I use for my R9 280?
I think the property driver(fglrx) is the best from what i can rember from back in the day when i would get screen tearing using any opensource driver. I’m getting screen tearing at the moment on Fedora 27 using the kernel drivers. I tried install fglrx but it conflicts with a opencl package that if I try and remove also removes 60+ other packages.
So whats the difference between the drivers and which driver should someone use, and how on earth can I fix this screen tearing? Also anyone happen to know the best GPU for Linux only need it to boot the system no gaming?

What family is the r9 ? If it’s new you don’t need anything, amdpgu does the job.

As for your last question, an Intel GPU, or a newer and GPU r4/550/60/60/70 use the amdgpu drivers.

Fglrx is no longer maintained or supported.

Low end Polaris would be my pick, RX550 probabaly.


I’d use pro until amdgpu has feature and performance parity on stable kernels, preferably included in the distro.

Amdgpu-pro is required if you have Vega with multiple displays using freesync at 144 hz.

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Its Tahiti GCN 1.0 Also I can’t get 144hz to work on the opensource drivers.

Couldn’t find the pro driver for Fedora 27. Also I don’t think it works with the R9 280X

Oops, sorry I missed your distro. Pro support only for Ubuntu and redhat.

Are you using the default Gnome desktop? I’m not particularly familiar with it, but you might need to look into the screen tearing issue more specifically. Sometimes there are other settings that cause and issue that cannot be fixed by simply installing different drivers.

Also try to take note of when it is happening. Is it all the time? Only full screen? Only with a certain player or browser? X or Wayland? I’ve seen tons of stuff on YouTube with people having different fixed for different problems. Maybe someone here can be more helpful if you give more details.

I am currently running the open source AMDGPU driver on a couple manjaro KDE systems with Fiji (Sapphire Fury Nitro), Polaris (AMD WX5100) and Vega (Ryzen 2500U with Vega8). Screen tearing is not an issue at all with these systems and the Fury is running circles around most other GPUs, even Nvidia ones with their driver blob. So the pro component (because that’s what that is actually, just sitting on top of the open source driver) isn’t needed at all.

Solved it. I couldn’t figure out how to enable the AMDGPU drm driver. After enabling it screen tearing is gone. Only issue reaming is 144hz over hdmi. Do I also need a monitor that supports hdmi 1.4 or just a gpu?

Its normally enabled by default, what did you do to enable it?

Thats what I thought, and read everywhere but checking lspci it was using the readon driver. Seems like the Southern Islands, and the Sea Islands gpus are disabled by default.
I just added this kernel parameter amdgpu.si_support=1 radeon.si_support=0

Source(Arch wiki to the rescue):

Ah yes this can be true. It depends on distro, kernel version, and configuration. F27 will have fairly up to date drivers.

It is worth noting that the SI component is likely not as far advanced as the main generation code.

I’m not up to date on the status of 144hz support. What you might want to try is the rawhide-nodebug kernel and see if there are improvements in the latest code

It might be a case of waiting, the features do come but AMD currently lag behind on this with their open code.

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