AMD GPU '14: Everything you need to know in 4 minutes

Hey guys, I made this video for those of you who missed the livestream or don't want to watch 3 hours of them talking about audio enhancements (seriously though that dragged on forever). I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to conversate about the video below or in the comments on youtube.


I'm really looking forward to the first hands on videos with the r9 290x. I also hope the 280x will be cheaper than the 7970 with simmilar or better performance.

Gj on the video :D

"They can have their hardware cake and eat it too" 

Lmao xD


Thanks for that, I lost interest in the livestream about 10 minutes into the audio talk. Really looking forward to 290X benchmarks.

if the 280x can beat the 7970ghz by like 10% with the new tech and price they are saying then I'm sold.

the 280x IS the 7970ghz

Everybody knows that. Its a matter of if its a re-badge like a 680 to 770 or if it is just a new sticker and some audio tech that matters to me.

excellent, carry on then.

Ah! Good upload! I missed the second half of the event.

NIce job! You didn't miss anything important!

if im going to get the 280x. it must beat the Ghz edition out the box without factory oc by at least 10-15% 

If it does not...$300 seems rather stupid sine an oc 7950 does Ghz oc performance. understand what im getting at?

because the 7950 will soon be $200 across the board for most manifactures. and right now they are..some at least. powercolor pcs+ is $180

Hey thanks for all the support guys, I appreciate it! Maybe if you guys show enough interest I will do more of these for future events, who knows :D

wait wait wait! hold the phone sally!!

jamasta111 from youtube..they guy doing haft life saga?!


the black masa walkthrough ive been following?

I just hope TSMC can sort their act out with fabrication technology. We won't be able to maintain moores law at this rate.... I think the idea of a 3Year upgrade cycle is that after about 2 Generations a high end component is like an entry level gaming card, and that the gaming industry or something is like a year behind(maybe?) or maybe that you turn the settings down a bit? (like my 5850 being like a 7770GHZ). My point is that if moores law doesn't continue then it is going to hurt sales because peoples old hardware will be suitable for longer periods of time reducing their sales.

At some Point, that has to happen Jacobite...bad for the economy, good for the enviroment and the customers.

Im concerned about this new software crap...virtual surround sound for headsets? If you are using Audio via HDMI with a Headset then you will most like have an AV-Receiver. Most of those already have virtual surround, like dolby headphone which is fine. And how exactly is this software supposed to know that there is a headphone plugged in?

And this crap with making PC gaming console gaming...seriously? They should rather make a good video tutorial or something like that to explain AA/AF and the like. The last thing we need is more utility software that trys to tell us what to do. And the last thing AMD needs is to load their Radeon drivers with more stuff to worry about. They should rather work on microlag, performance and compatibility issues.

I really hope they'll offer something like a basic version of the Catalyst Control, just the drivers, calibration and stuff. i want full control.


Its about $300

I'm going to be getting an R9 270X if it can beat out the 7870 Ghz edition.

ugh... Steve Ballmer...