AMD Fx 8350 Performance Issues

Hey Ive recently upgraded from an Fx 6350 to the 8350 and ive noticed a drop in performance on games like Dayz etc that are quite CPU heavy. I look at core stats and only 2-4 cores are used depending on the game etc. Ive tried several fixes like the microsoft hotfixes for the Bulldozer platform with no luck yet.

Any help is appreciated as Ive heard when working correctly the 8350 is a very strong Cpu for gaming,


  • AMD Fx 8350 Stock with a Coolermaster 212 evo cooler
  • Msi Gtx 760 Twin Frozr 
  • 8Gb 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance ram
  • Asus M5A78L-Matx mobo




Uhh no offense, but your motherboard is a piece of shit... It throttles That processor so hard its not even funny. Get a new motherboard or downgrade your processor to the 6300. That motherboard may even throttle the 6350 because of its 125 watt tdp.

That motherboard is not powerful enough to power the 8350. It's got a 3+1 power phase, where you should really be looking at a 6+2 like the m5a99fx or at the very least a 4+2 like the m5a97 r2.0. But even then 2-4 cores is rather unusual. You can try unparking your cores with this utility and see what happens

he mentioned dayz, the arma engine is known for poor multithreading, 2-4 cores is really high usage

Even though that is trues,the motherboard is the real culprit here.

Don't try to run it on the 4+2. You could but i'd worry about long term usage and really you'd be better off just buying the better 6+2 or 8+2 for $20 more.

Ok thx for the quick responses what are some good Motherboards you would suggest (low a price as possible)

Do you have a budget? It is crucial that you get a motherboard with a sufficient power phase design for that hungry CPU.

Max Budget would be around £150 Id prefer spending less but if one is miles ahead I will pay more

You can easily grab a mobo for that price.

Problem is, all the motherboards with a decent power phase design are ATX form factor, which happens to be bigger than your current mATX board. You need to have an ATX (or larger) case to fit an appropriate motherboard inside.

This motherboard is highly recommend. It's actually packed full of features:

This is the cheapest motherboard in the UK which is suitable for your needs:

Ok thanks for the help Beserker!

If you grab the M5A97, ensure that it is the EVO model. Totally different power delivery to the non-EVO M5A97.

Im not very experienced in mobos so what would be the noticeable changes between these 2 boards?

Both are good boards. By purchasing the ROG branded motherboard, you're getting those ROG features which are largerly gaming related, improved audio; but these are not necessary features. You'll have to read up on those. Fact is that both boards come with all the important, really useful stuff. But then you might consider the ROG board for the aesthetics.

Both are good options for running dual GPUs. They both include all the good stuff like USB 3 which will be the standard sooner or later. ASUS have really good onboard utilities.

Ok Il look into the features but I think if im gonna upgrade might as well go for the Rog.

There are people that are fanatical about ROG branded products. Now, I don't rate all of their products, but there's no faulting their motherboards. Very few boards are competitive. Especially on the AM3+ line.

Well anyway thx for all the help everyone new teksydicate was the place to go!

DayZ and Arma are Intel favour games, they have realy poorly multi threaded optimization, thats the reason why they run better on an intel cpu. Most people get poor numbers with Arma 3 on AMD. i get arround 30 to 40 fps on mine...

True. But he still needed the new motherboard to properly use his 8350, which is a good processor.

Thats for sure ☺

I would trow a Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 or a Sabertooth in it. The ROG is offcourse the best you can get