AMD FX 8350 or AMD FX 9370

Should I get an FX 9370 or over clock an 8350? Also would Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme be enough to overclock the 8350 to stable 9370 speeds?

The rest of the build can be found here:

I think the 8350 is sufficient. Depending on the applications that you run, the 9370 probably won't make a tangible difference. If you need the extra productivity, you could easily afford a socket 2011 build, or an i7. Which are generally faster than the 8350 in given tests.

Depending on how much the 9370 costs, it's not much better than the 8350 but you're ensured it's gonna be clocked that high and you've got a more awesome name :P

Okay thanks for your help.

this 9370 has liquid cooling

but I don't think that you'll notice a difference anyways with the 8350. 

depending on how much more it is (was on sale for 220 the other day) it's a reasonable price to pay for a better binned chip

I agree with renshuizer, it all comes down to how much will the 9370 will cost, as it is not much better and the price/performance ratio on the 8350 is better.

I say 8350 because 220w tdp scares me.

I watched this and was surprised at how the 8350 at 4.8 ghz traded blows and even beat the 9590.

You only buy the 9370 if you want to be GUARANTEED to be able to overclock a little. 

They're the same chip. But you probably can overclock the 8350 to the same frequency.
(That is with decent cooling, since it gets quite hot.) 

The 9000 series cpus were made for fanboys and morons, an 8359 is the same thing. Anyone who buys this a moron because you can get a extreme i7 for the same price.

Actually the FX 9370 is only $350 now and FX 9590 is $425. Still a bit over the top if you ask me, but they also come with liquid cooling and a guaranteed overclock. They're not too bad.

The 9370 costs about the same as the 4770K, and is <5% slower in multi-threaded applications, and comes with a liquid cooler. The 9590 costs what a 4770K + liquid cooler costs and is ~5% faster in multi-threaded applications and comes w/ the liquid cooler.

So it's not as ridiculous/stupid as it was when it first came out, though I would still say it's generally a better idea to grab a 4770K instead since you'd probably have more overclocking headroom and much lower power consumption.