AMD FX-8350 and Corsair H80

Is It worth getting the crosair 80 for 100$ like how much Ghz will it add to the 8350 Stock : 4.0 or should i get a cheaper cpu cooler for my build and get a better GPU (His radeon HD 7870 iceQ Turbo Ghz edition) I want at least 4.6 Ghz On CPU

You can definitely overclock the 8 tree fiddy to 4.6 with that cooler, it's just an awesome cooler. You can find the H80i which is a little improved from the normal H80 for 5 to 10 bucks more. Plus where are you gonna buy the H80 from? I've seen the normal retail price go for 80 dollars. 

I was gonna get it from newegg if u know anywhere else i can buy it from for cheaper tell me


Are you buying within the US?

yes i am from the U.S

Personally I'm getting the H70.

I have the 8350 with the H80 and it EASILY OC'd to 4.7 ghz! I replaced the stock fans with noctua's as they were a bit noisy.