Amd Fx-4100 overclock throttling

Hi. I tried to overclock my amd fx-4100 for the first time today. I raised the multiplier in BIOS so i got 3.9 GHz and set the voltage to 1.25.

I ran prime95 for about one hour and noticed that the freq went down to 3.3 Ghz and then back up to 3.9 GHz. And it continues to do so all along the stress test. All cores is at 100% load all the time. 

I have read that it will work after you disable Advanced Power Management in Bios but i can't find this setting anywhere.

I'm using stock cooler and got max 53 Celsius on all the cores. I have tried to disable Amd CPU Turbo thingy and Cool n quiet in BIOS.

What can i do to prevent it from throttling like this?


Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M LX GPU: Asus geforce gtx 660 CPU: Amd Fx-4100 3.6GHz(3.8GHz turbo)         Power Supply: 500w 80+ bronze

turn off C1, C2 and C3 and thermal throttling. APM should be somewhere in your bios

I got up to 4.32 GHz with multiplier at 18, Bus speed 240 and HT Link at 2640. Voltage is kinda high at 1.37. I should play around with voltage and lower it but, I'm too lazy.

It idles around 24c and maxes out at 50c under full load in Fold@Home on the stock Cooler Master heatsink.

Don't, for the love of fuck, ever overclock with a stock cooler.

Disable APM in your BIOS.

I promise you that is the problem, if you have a Gigabyte board with an older chipset you may need a BIOS update to get it.

Okey, i will look for those in bios, thanks

Okey, will read up on how to update bios etc. thank you

1. stop useing prime 95 its not good with FX chips it pulls more power that it is supposed to use ADA64

2. stop useing a stock cooler

3. your mobo is not set up for overclocking it has a unheat sinked 3+1 power phase

4. the cpu is overheating you seam to be reading the temps wrong (the throttleing of the cpu will keep temps lower) use speed fan and hwinfo 64 to keep a good check on the temps and votages

1. Okey, will try that one next time!

2-3. Noted, so overclocking with this mobo is completely off limits?

4. I don't believe i did. I used hwmonitor and speed fan to check temps and both of them showed 53 as max. But i can very well be wrong so i will still try with hwinfo 64, thank you.

Thank you!