AMD Epyc Milan

You guys think AMD Epyc Milan is going to drop next month?

Im a bit surprised it hasnt dropped already tbh, they must be gearing up for something special.


Is intel due to release a server equivalent of the Rocketlake in the near future? Maybe AMD is looking to bide their time to lessen the impact of potential adjustments Intel may make if they just drop Milan now (probably just price adjustment related rather than architecture changes)

Was debating on picking up a 32 or 64 Rome to upgrade my Unraid server. I just can’t help myself and need to see what they have up there sleeve.

If you “wait till that new stuff comes out”, then you’ll wait forever.

That said, leaks say next-gen ZEN has a reportedly 25% increase in IPC, so probably worth waiting.

As for the timing: remember when AMD announced when it would announce new stuff last year and Intel decided to ‘steal their thunder’ by releasing their new stuff a day before? It’s payback time :stuck_out_tongue:


They might be waiting to actually have a stock to sell…

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Could be them building up stock in target regions to prevent the same issues they had/have with consumer products.

Still awaiting my Milan cpu here. Expected in August now.

Which model did you order?
I see some models are in stock at dealers and system builders already while others are not. I’m looking for the inexpensive 7313P, but i only find 7313 which costs about twice as much and has slightly lower specs on single cpu use.

I and my friend ordered the 7443P, 24C/48T Milan.
We both need lots of cores for cpu applications in distributed computing projects.

He and I are both running 7402P’s but are looking forward to the IPC improvements. He is running 2 7402P’s, a 7502P and dual socket 7642 host.

Bummed we had to purchase a new motherboard to get the BIOS support for Milan. Neither Asrock Rack or SuperMicro are updating their prior Rome boards.

give it time. the old boards may yet get support. it takes a lotttttt of time to validate everything. Boards NOT likely to get support are ones that support naples.

[email protected] stated the EPYCD8 won’t be getting the Milan BIOS update . . . ever.

Stated both to myself and my friend with the same board.

My friend was also told his SuperMicro H11DSi wasn’t going to be updated to support Milan. Needed to move to H12 series boards.


Finally, I was able to order the EPYC 7313P together with a H12 Supermicro mainboard and a bunch of other components today. The dealer told me they had a shipment of 7313P scheduled to arrive within a couple days. Other dealers keep postponing the availability date every week by a week. I’m curious if mine will be able to deliver…


Hope you do get your Milan cpu. Might be an indication that the Milan floodgates are finally opening.

It’s worth the wait! Really a great, powerful, yet not too thirsty CPU!

Well I added another pre-order for my 7443P to my existing order at another reseller.

Hoping I get lucky with inventory restock with either reseller. I can cancel whatever order will get filled the last.

I will use it at the same power levels I am currently running the 7402P with. Just looking forward to the core clock and IPC bump over the 7402P.

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I got my 7313P now. Just to give you an update in case you are looking to buy one yourself. Feels like Christmas to me. :smiley:


Enjoy, man! Worth the wait AND every penny… :wink:

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