AMD drivers in Ubuntu 15 messing up Drive encryption

I installing Ubuntu a few times with the disk encryption and when I try to install the AMD proprietary drivers the screen with the passphrase does not work.

I installed the proprietary drivers to play my runescape game.

I installed the proprietary drivers through the terminal.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

I'm currently running Ubuntu on the laptop with an AMD APU.

I had this exact same problem! couldn't figure it out, I ended up installing the newest version of Debian and Gnome and that works fine with all proprietary drivers. sorry I couldn't really help, let me know if you find a fix.

So in order to install these drivers you must put in the HDD encryption passphrase? I'm trying to understand the issue as I have never used disk encryption but I can understand the need for it on a laptop.

Lastly, is the AMD driver the only think that isn't working for the disk passphrase? tried installing other software without any issues? You must confirm it is explicitly unique problem to the AMD driver, it does install more system related files then your usual application.

Try installing the AMD drivers by booting direct into console '/etc/default/grub and uncommenting GRUB_TERMINAL=console' (The AMD drivers actually warn not to have a GUI loaded anyone during install). There is also suggestions to boot into LOW RES console if that fails, that will probably be some other grub function you can switch on.