AMD drivers for Windows server os?


I have an project where is needed to have an MS SQL server and I am normally use intel, but for this project i was thinking to try AMD Razon to build this server and when i am done with the project then use the parts for another home pc, maybe media center.

So what i got is
CPU: AMD R9 7950x3d
MB: asrock x670E PG Lightning
ram: 128gb CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 4x32 GB PC5-48000
SSD C:\ - SATA Samsung 990 Pro (OS)
SSD D:\ - SATA Sumsung 870 EVO - 4TB (program and other)
SSD E:\ - MVME Crucial T705 SSD - 2TB (Database Main)
SSD F:\ - NVME Samsung 990 Pro SSD - 4TB (Database overflow)
SSD L: - PCIe Intel Optane 900P 480gb (DB T logs)
SSD T: - PCIe Intel Optane 900P 480gb (DB temp)

Because of all the SSD then i dont have an PCIe GFX card but is using CPU GPU.

If i install Win10/11 then i can download the AMD driver tool there install all the drives for GPU and chipset.

But i like to use Windows Server 2019 or newer, but then there is no GFX or chipset driver and this AMD driver thing just says it can not detect the OS and the drives seems to forcing only use for w10/11.

So now i have windows server 2019 on the box with gfx driver as MS basic driver in 800*600 and a number of devices without driver (chipset)

So is this the state that AMD is only for gamer and dont have driver support when running other OS ?

Anyone there has an hint to getting drivers to work for AMD R9 7950x3d with Windows server ?


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Did you try installing the Windows 10 drivers and it failed?

Sounds like the installer ran to the end and then it gave the OS not recognized message?

Check in your C:\AMD folder and see if anything extracted before the OS not recognized message, something like AMD-Software-Adrenalin-Editionversionblablabla.

If so, you could try launching Device Manager with admin rights, and under Display Drivers, right click on the device with the exclamation mark on it, and choose Update Driver > Browse for drivers.

Next, browse to the C:\AMD\Adrenalin folder and install from the INFs.

Please let me know if that works for you.

If not, other idea would be to install the chipset drivers for HP, Dell, or Lenovo servers with an Epyc chip similar to your 7950x3d.

As far as where you would download the server chipset if you go the second route, I found an Epyc AMD SP5 Series Chipset driver for a Dell Poweredge R7615

Here’s a direct link to the chipset driver download -

Hope that helps!

Chipset driver should be able to loaded as described. Have igpu you will like not be able to load. Easily as not really going to be supported in server os. I want actually recommend in Windows 10 or Windows 11 just installing hyper-v or running Virtual Box… Then run server os as vm. As that will get gpu support.


yes it is the AMD-Software-Adrenalin there is saying it is not recognized the os and then exits.

as you write, i have tryid to copy the uncompressed version of the AMD-Software-Adrenalin and then i have uncompresssed all files in that file tree to make sure the drives was unpacked and then pointed the device manager driver update at the folder tree but it will not see any of them as use full.

Thanks for the ide with the brand server drivers, i will try that.


was hopping not to have virtual layers as that will cost some performance.


Did you have any luck with this, did you install a different OS, or anything new pop up?

No, tried with the dell driver packs to get more drivers in but no lock

it is running server 2019, i am thinking to maybe install newer version of windows server.

The time is limited to play with drivers as the SQL server is used and important for me, so that limit time on the driver issue.

I am just surprised that i am having this issue at all with AMD, thinking if i not had selected AMD but keep using Intel then the driver support has not been an issue.
So in my head it looks like AMD Razen cpu is only for gamers on win10/win11 because that the OS there is listed drivers for.


I have now installed Windows 2022 and that seems to be a little better then before with Windows 2019.

I have also found the missing drivers that is not found at AMD, Mainboard vendor or Windows update (the automatic search)

The way to go

  1. goto microsoft catalog site
  2. find the driver by search for the hardware id
  3. download the .cab file (for server, it is the once there not say Windows 10 or 11)
  4. unpack the cab file
  5. tell windows device manager to search in the folder with the drivers.

Here is the drives for my missing devices
(hxxps to https)

hardware device 1
Name1: AMD PSP 11.0 Device
Name2: PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller
ID: VEN_1022 DEV_1649
ID: PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_1649&CC_1080

hardware device 2
Name1: AMD GPIO Controller

hardware device 3
Name1: AMD GPIO Controller
ID: *AMDI0030

hardware device 4
Name1: AMD PPM Provisioning File
ID: *AMDI0052

hardware device 5
Name1:AMD 3D V-Cache Performance Optimizer
ID: *AMDI0101

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