AMD Drivers Crashing[SOLVED]

Hello, I have just upgraded my GPU from a GTX 770 2gb to a R9 390x and I have installed the catalyst 15.7.1 drivers and every time that I start playing a game for more than an Hour the drivers crash. I am not exactly sure how I would go about solving this, has anyone else had the same problem?
EDIT : I am using Windows 10 if that helps.

How did you uninstall the nvidia driver? It's a possibility that all the components where not removed completely if you removed it simply by going through the control panel. I usually use Display Driver Uninstaller. It reboots the system into safe mode and completely cleans the driver from the OS. Gives you a clean slate to work with when installing new drivers.

Here's a link to download it. It was just updated for windows 10

Thanks, Just uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers completely with Display Driver uninstaller will update to see if it worked.
EDIT : Thanks again for the help that was it.


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