AMD CPU and Nvidia Card

I just finished my first PC build, and my old 520 isn't working at the current time. By default it automatically goes to the AMD cpu integrated graphics. When I try to install the Nvidia drivers, it says it is unable to detect the card.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

It could be that some card and motherboard have compatibily issues for what ever reason even though they are meant to work.  but make sure you display is pluged into the card and in your device manager in windows see if the card even shows up

I've had the card working previously before I could get the drivers, but for whatever reason, even when I hook it up to the display, it won't be detected by Windows or the Nvidia drivers.

what motherboard are you using?


ASrock 960GM/U3S3 AM3+

have you tryed any thing like taking it out and reinstall the actual card?  The specs say it should work fine

I'll try again once I shut down my computer again.

ok Like I said I have had problems before with older cards not working even though they are compatible they just don't work and I dont know why.  Happened to me with a old core 2 duo system and a hd 5450