Amd build

So the current build i was planning to get but its over my budget :( (

So if you guys could make a cheaper build for around 1.3k but with the 8350's and still keep the 970's or a card thats equivalent to its performance that would de dope.      

Thanks :P  

This is a bit cheaper.

Didn't ditch the i5 though.

Dear god AU pricing is bullshit. Cheapest R9 290 is $380? Awful.

Looks good.

save youself some money get a 8350. It more than what you need but"""""""""""""""""

















more than what you need but.??????????????????

aussie pricing just keep goin up :P 

yo would it be better to have a 8350 and keep a 970 or nah 

What do you plan to do with this computer?

The R9 290 is a very capable card, just under the 970.

I would go for it. ? pretty awesome set up. I havent tap my 8350 yet so for a more average ?

Personally I would drop to the 290 before dropping the i5, but that's just because I play some games that heavily favor the i5 such as Starcraft 2. To be honest, there isn't a huge performance difference between the 8350 and i5 as well as the 290 and 970 in most games, so it just comes down to what you play.

 Personally, i like the idea of two 290's ?  I understand the extra heat and such but that is alot of pixel pushing power. or

kinda plan to use the comp for gaming, might do utube so vid editing and stuff so im probably better of with da 8350's right

For the average person . ya 8350 is very much good enough. But keep in mind your single core performance will not be the best.