AMD build, need opinions!

Hi all,

This is a build that is meant primarily for gaming, i will be doing some 3D projects but i think this is more than enough for that. I would like some opinions overall but especially about the PSU and the memory. Is the PSU enough for crossfire? Not sure about the graphic's card, there are the 7870 Le with the 79xx chipset or the one in my build the 7850 older tho.


Processor: AMD FX-8350

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

Graphic's card: SAPPHIRE 2GB HD7850



The build its priced at 766 Euros = 1,004.34 USD

build is okay if you can afford it chance the gpu to a 7970. then you dont need a crosfire, or if you wanne go with a crossfire then go for 2 7950´s

but for crossfire  i can recomend a 850W 80+ gold psu. at least.

Grtz Angel.

its a budget build. I will have to stay near the 200 $ graphic. The 7950 its just right there (100$ more) but i can't go for it...

im sorry i miss readed myself i tough you wrote 7950 but it was 7850.

but yea if i was you i would go for a 7850 2GB or 7870.

I think i'm going to get the Fx-6300 and get the 7950 card. What would be a good brand for this GPU?

i think those are nice priced arround 300 dollar. and all cards are good. i personaly like the HiS or the powercolor the way they look, with a single fan., but thats something personal.those single fans  are mostly more silent, and do a good job.But i think the best card withthe best cooling solution of those cards will be the Shaphire probably


Get a 7870 XT and keep your 8350.

I don't feel like droping the 8350 to a 6300 so i might take this card, i've been watching reviews about the 7870 XT and it seems a good buy. 

Dude get the 7870XT it blows any card away in terms of price/performance

both are good choices

FX8350 with shaphire 7870XT <--- Future proof, wenn it comes to the cpu

FX6300 with 7950 <--- Good option  till games get optimized to six cores.

FX8320 with 7950 <--- this will bring you the best fps in games.. but will be a bit more in cost.(25 dollars more then option 1).

i personaly would go if you can afford it for option 3, and wenn you have some money later on and you want a  gaming beast, then just buy a second 7950 in crosfire. ☺

otherwise option 1 is maybe the best choice, what ever you will choose, everything will be fine.

Future proof it will be, i can always crossfire the 7870 XT with a 79XX card if i need. Thanks for the opinion :)