AMD APU A10-6800k - Worth the money for Gaming?

Greetings Tek Syndicate Community

I was wondering if it is worth purchasing the AMD APU A10-6800k for gaming?

Thank you in advance

Dean Fry

I don't own one but i have a friend who does and he can play most games. Not on the ultra settings but on Medium-High and still getting 50-60 Fps. 

If you do get it i would pair it with a HD7750 or HD6670. 

Make sure to use and aftermarket Heatsink Trust me. 

Personally, I would go with the cheaper 750K or 760K Athlon, and then use a dedicated graphics card.

Something like a 7770GHz, which is a little better than an APU, and a little more appropriate for 1080p.

If you want to use a 7770ghz then you should consider waiting for the refresh.

I'll have to agree with Berserker.

To make the A10-5800K or 6800K put out decent frame-rates you need fast memory, preferably 2133MHz+. At least where I live it's only slightly pricier to go the dedicated GPU route but the cost is definitely warranted. Much better price:performance ratio.

A10-6800K - $150, 8GB 2133MHz - $85 ($235)

Athlon 960K - $90, 8GB 1600MHz - $65, HD 7770 - $105 ($260), probably get at least double the frame rates

Look at it this way A10-5800k = a HD6670 (its a rebrand its actual name is 7660D)

750K is a A10-5800K without the intergrated gpu for much cheaper then you get to add a HD7770 to it.

The A10 6800k has the same video power (a rebranded 6670 again---8670D)

Apu's have no place in pc gameing at the moment thay are too week and you can only enjoy old games or source engine games on them thay are more shuted to web browseing/media boxes at the moment maybe when you start geting apu's with the power of a ps4 then thay maybe a viable option

Once we have DDR4 APUs should be a lot more viable - since by then I expect they'll have the power of an HD 7770 or 7790 on an APU as I've heard the high-end Kaveri APUs will have the GPU power comparable to an HD 7750 (assuming you get speedy RAM)

The APUs seem attractive, but if you compare the A10 6800k ($120) to an FX 6300 ($120) plus Radeon 7770 ($90), that's a difference of about $90 for more than a doubling of graphics performance.  The 6300 is probably a slightly stronger CPU as well, if the 6 cores can be utilized.

Bum an old graphics card off craigslist or the Buy/Sell section here...

If a person is planning to use 1833 or higher RAM with the 6800k the dollar difference is even smaller because you can use ordinary 1333 with the 6300 and not observe a difference in speed.  Using the FX 4300 can also bring down the difference.


That's an interesting Interesting option.  The 750K is currently $80.  The FX 4430 is another option at $100.