AMD Announces Embedded Polaris GPU's

These are MCM & MXM Form Factor GPU’s for the mobile and embedded as well as special use case applications.

For those that don’t know what MXM & MCM are.

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I get flashbacks of seeing coinups with 3dfx graphics.

Maybe an adaptive sync Samsung TV with one of these chips?

Until I read the article I never thought of “casino games” as gaming.
Does open up a world of possibilities

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As I understand those will also be available as regular add-in-cards, would be interesting how they’re going to be priced though.

Pretty sure they could be used for a passthrough build as the host-GPU… currently there’s not a lot of options to choose from if you just want 3 DP and an HDMI for the TV or whatever…

And 4 DP start at like 150€ at which point you can just get a second gaming card for the occasional linux-native game.

So this is was the DeskMini RX was waiting for. I was wondering when they said September time what was taking so long.

Well, it would be great if they became available for me to grab.

I know they ain’t made with gaming in mind but I wonder if you can treat these cards like a normal Polaris card and play games on them (Provided you need an MXM slot). After all, the Radeon Embedded E9950 behaves like an RX 480/580.

If I can get one of these and plop them in a laptop, I could get a different laptop with an MXM slot.