AMD A4-5300 vs intel g630t

There should really be an APU forum section. :)

I need a replacement for a budget livingroom media/streaming PC and I wanted to go for an APU.

I am looking at the AMD A4-5300 vs the intel pentium G630T and I really can't decide. The reason is, I can't seem to find any real world benchmarks on the two.

On paper, the AMD has a higher clock speed and ddr frequency. The intel however has 3x more cache and uses almost twice less power. ( link to only comparison I've seen, needs google translate )

In terms of video, I really don't know much about the "Intel HD Graphics" to be able to compare it at all to the AMD Radeon HD 7480D.

So what do you guys say? Does anyone have experience with any of these? And please, no intel/amd fanboyism!

Put it this way: The A4's 7480D GPU is light years ahead of Intel's HD Graphics. Not to mention, the performance of the A4-5300 and Pentium G630T isn't really much of a difference in the real world, so you're better off with the APU here.

Well, maybe not light years, but it's still FAR ahead of it. The A8 or A10s graphics might be "light years" ahead of Intel HD graphics.

I was suspecting that, but since the intel was around 20% more expensive than the amd, I thought I'd ask. Thanks for the insight!