AMD A10 or HD6670 w/ Athlon x4

So my 21st birthday is coming up and as a birthday gift my parents have offered me the new iPad mini with retina or the monetary equivalent in parts for a gaming pc.

Seeing as the new iPad mini will be in short supply (and it's €400 for a tablet computer) I thought I might as well build a 720p gaming pc for €400/€500 (including peripherals)

I've followed the advice of one of the Tek's videos and looked into building an APU system.

Now an AMD A10 6800k will cost me €120,

However, would I be better off getting, for example, an athlon X4 750k Black Edition and a Sapphire HD6670 1GB GDDR5 (which combined amount to €129) or some other combination of CPU and GPU for around €120??

I'm looking to play games like L4D2, B&W2, San Andreas, GTA IV, Chivalry Medieval Warfare, PayDay 2 etc.

I'd like to get at least 30fps at 720p if I was to build a gaming pc so if these parts don't cut it let me know!

Thanks guys!

Need more information. Do you need OS and a monitor included? And what country do you live in?


Since you're offline now, I went ahead and configured a couple of builds with different budget allocations. All from PCpartpicker Germany.

I've convinced that you can afford a 1080p gaming rig at this price point.

monitor included

no monitor and middle-tier gpu. There's a little left for a cheap keyboard and mouse.

You can use a spare television set in place of a monitor.

Why bother with an HD 6670 and Athlon x4 750k when an A10-6800K is about the same performance? If you are looking at the Athlon x4 750k you really should be looking at a HD 7790 or an HD 7850 to get the most performance per cost without having performance throttling from a bottleneck.

Thanks for the rapid feedback guys!

OS and monitor will be included in my budget, which also make up a large chunk of it. I think I'll save up a bit, do my research to make sure I know what I'll get for my money and buy something based on Berserker's partpicker list in the new year as I'd have to have a finalised list in about 2 weeks and I wouldn't want to rush anything

Be sure to come back and we will help decide.

I do think it is worth going with the 750k and a dedicated graphics card like I have chosen. The 7770GHz will allow for 1080p gaming, and it is cheap!

You would probably need at least a 7790 to make games like BF4 run on medium/high and with a good frame rate on multiplayer. But the 7770GHz can handle anything that's "current generation" on medium, or next-gen on low settings.

As I said before, you could use a spare HDMI television set, before you purchase a monitor.

You might be able to obtain an OS for free. Education establishments/universities can give them out, if you tell them you need the computer for your course.

You could use a free operating system. You could use a Windows free trial.