AMD A10 6800K: does it have what it takes? (ultra game settings at 1080p)

Unfortunately, just like others, I have a tight budget. I would like to give the AMD APUs a try for my new build.. I can't find any videos in youtube about people using the FM2 APUs (even the A10s) in hardcore gaming. I mean, games like Crysis, Tomb Raider, BF4, etc.. I know that I would be wasting the integrated GPU but, of course, if you are going to play those kind of games, you would need a graphics card. What would it take for an A10 6800k (for example) to run BF4 at ultra settings 1080p? (if its even possible) I'm talking about the parts to go with the processor.. because its so damn cheap.. LOL!

My bet is you cant using the integrated graphics and if you could you would have to do some extreme overclocking to get the system ram up to something like 3000mhz and even that i bet wouldnt pass medium-high on 1080p.

What would it take for an A10 6800k (for example) to run BF4 at ultra settings 1080p?

It would take nothing short of a genie. There's a lot of hype about the APUs on this forum, and it is a promising technology but the fact is that they are still a ways off from being a viable option for AAA games at 1080p. At this point, your best bet is to try and save up for a higher end build, as game system requirements are likely to soon begin inflating dramatically due to the relatively high specs for the new generation of consoles.

that's what thought.. (sigh...)

yeah.. I guess I'll just have to scrap the plan then..

Look for the Kavari APUs coming Q1 2014. Along with Mantle, it is possible that BF4 could run on an APU at 1080p Ultra. That is just an idea of mine at this point as neither of those has been tested (to my knowledge). So what I am saying is that if you can wait a few months, an APU based BF4 pc might be possible.

Based on what AMD said about Mantle, I can't wait to see what Mantle-optimized games bring to the table. Combine that with the Kaveri APUs, I think the APUs will become a more viable gaming option. 

yup, it looks like it:,2817,2427114,00.asp

might be ok to wait.. launch date is 01/14/2014. I'm a little worried about the "cooling" factor though.. Because AMD's new FX 9xxx eats a lot of power and of course, generates that much heat.. That may not be the best way to go if I'm going to spend that much just for cooling... But then again, its too early for that..

this is why I wanted to build a rig based on the AMD platform.. Based on some videos, the AMD processors would have some kind of boost using that MANTLE API and not just the GPU. But they are particular with the FX series though.. Apparently, MANTLE would optimize the load per core.. So the more cores you have, the better optimization you will receive.. I might be wrong but I think that's what I heard.. lol

those are just overclocked 8350s, when you overclock it gets hot, hotter than non overclockers understand, that's why you see people freaking out over the temps and power usage of those

Their 9xxx series is still based on Piledriver. They are essentially the best chips from the 8xxx wafer, just over clocked. Steamroller is expected to reduce power consumption. I may be getting this number confused with their low powered APUs but I think the Kaveri APUs are supposed to be pulling about 35W.

Mantle is mainly GPU focused but I saw somewhere that there are certain APIs for the CPU too

exactly.. Why pay more if you could achieve it by simply overclocking the chips down the line.. Shoot... Now I'm thinking about getting ivy bridge or haswell CPUs instead.. I may be better off with a 3570k or a 4670k..

Thanks guys! I appreciate your inputs! I'll check-out some more reviews about the blue team and the red team..=)

mantle allows for better utilization of the cpu aswell.

I read somewhere that people were seeing 8350s @ 2Ghz showing not bottle neck on a 290X compared to a 4770k

Your best getting a 750k 760k and a 7770 GHz and upgrading the gpu

Your best getting a 750k 780k and a 7770 GHz and upgrading

There are some differences other than clock speed... hence why there is still the ability to overclock the FX-93** a little further than they are already still, but most FX-8350's wouldn't even get that far. There is also the fact about binning, AMD uses higher binned chips, so it'll run cooler and more stable than a overclocked FX-8350 will at the same speeds, this is the reson both FX-9370 and FX-9390 have the same 220watt TDP. Finally the FX-9370 (but not the FX-9390) comes factory with a AIO water cooler similar to a H80i while costing less than a FX-8350 and a similar unit, so really its not a dumb option. It does however require a good motherboard, so if you wanted one anyway its not a problem, otherwise expect to pay a little bit extra here, although you do get quality and features for that money.

Of course for most workloads a stock FX-8350 will get the job done, and it's cheaper than any of the above, and if the thermal output or power draw worries you the a i7 4770 (non-k) is a better bet, if a slightly more expensive one. Its also worth noting most decent modern graphics cards (even the GTX760, the coolest running of those cards) produce more heat and use more power than the FX-9390 does, so your actually not in silly territory either way.

Well, AMD showed a demo of Kaveri running BF4 at medium/high setting at 1080p 30fps. So it you want to go for an APU then that's the kind of performance to expect - pretty good for the money.

oh boy!

shoot! I certainly hope that it could xfire with an r9 270x at the very least! If it does, then that would be the sweetest thing... (the blue team needs to think of something then if they want a share of the market lol!)