AMD A10-5800K Overlock Questions

So my friend recently overclocked his AMD A10-5800K with the default heatsink and fan. He overclocked at 4.6GHz per core, and is now reaching temps of 90 Celsius. Is this a good temperature, or should he get an aftermarket cooler? Thanks. Oh, and he's using this PSU.

Here's his build.

He should definetely get an aftermarket cooler, temps that high dont immediatley ruin thye cpu, but they do shorten the lifespan quite a bit. I usually aim for temps no higher than 70 degrees just under 80 is acceptable, but not recommended. 


Also, which bloody idiot overclocks to that speed on a stock fan!?!

Definitely get an aftermarket cooler. 90 is way too hot in my opinion. I would try to keep it below 65 if possible. My A8 5600k @4.4Ghz is running at 40c idle and around 60-65 under heavy load.

Alright, thanks.